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Should New Hanover Co. teachers be allowed to wear 'Red for Ed' T-shirts at school?

teachers were hired to

teachers were hired to teach, not promote politics, 40 years ago you heard absolutely no politics in school, now all the kid's have been brainwashed by teachers and we have a mess in charge of this country, the red shirts are just another way of brainwashing young minds, if the teachers have a beef, let them deal with it on their own time, go to school, do your job! then maybe you will have a beef teach!

red for ed t-shirts at school

I don't consider advocating monetary support for public education a partisan political activity. The shirts are not advocating against a political party or for a political candidate. They are supporting educational funding at a higher level than what has been legislated. The Tinker vs. Des Moines case in the 60's clearly established guidelines for dress in an educational setting. As long as one's dress does not interrupt the educational process, it is a form of free expression that should not be outlawed. Students wore black armbands in protest of the Vietnam War and the courts upheld their right to do so. I don't believe the wearing of red shirts to make an educational statement has disrupted the school process. I don't disagree with the school board policy that prohibits political activity in the schools.However, I don't think the shirts being worn meet the definition in the board policy of partisan political activity. To deny teachers freedom of expression makes me ashamed of my local School Board. How do these shirts differ from wearing pink to support cancer research? The intent is to call attention to a problem that needs to be addressed: adequate funding of schools.

red shirts

The Constitution gives us the right of freedom of speech. If the school board tells the teachers they can't wear there red shirts then what are we teaching our children? I guess they can't use this to teach, then the New Hanover school board and state are really showing why we are losing teachers to other states. They, like every politician and our President are really showing that the Constitution is nothing more then a peice of paper with no meaning in the 21 century.