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Should the city pay to fund a Gang Investigative Unit for WPD?

We definitely need more

We definitely need more police. We should also create a party and alcohol task force. All those college kids who drink and take taxis and the new drunk bus might drive one night. Or we could just be like the rest of developed countries and have strict laws protecting property rights and people against imminent danger. We don't need so many police that a 20 year old gets a drinking ticket at a friends house on Saturday night or a customer patronizing a store downtown gets ticketed when a conversation causes one to be 5 minutes late to the meter.

Money will not solve this problem!

What is happening in Creekwood and other black neighborhoods in Wilmington (and now spilling into white neighborhoods)will not be helped one bit by more money. This is a moral and spiritual problem, not a financial one. Total dependency on welfare, no work ethic, no morals with illegitimacy at the highest levels in history, no responsibility, no family values, no respect for property rights, no respect for persons, and so forth. This is the result of 50 years of liberal Democrat welfare politics. More money, you say? That would be pouring just more fuel on the fire. Why the hard working, taxpaying citizens of Wilmington don't revolt against the local Democrat cartel and Obama is beyond me. Unless you do, build a wall around your house,top it off with barbed wire, arm yourself and prepare to live in a Third World country. That's where you're headed.

New Police Chief

We don't need a new gang unit, we need a new police chief. Over the past year the Wilmington Police Department has been plagued with scandals and record setting gun violence. This chief's solutions have been to punish the ones that told the truth during the investigations and do nothing to the ones that lied. His gun violence solution is to ask community to ask the criminals to please stop shooting.


How about getting our

How about getting our legislators to pass laws raising the fines for such crimes so that new officers can eventually be provided for. Tougher penalties must be enacted when firearms are discharged in cities, especially arbitrarily into people's houses or historic neighborhoods. Strict laws need to be put in place so that any government assistance is immediacy and permanently revoked. While spending time behind bars actual rehabilitation needs to take place. Courses in civics and basic economics need to be passed before being released. Community service must be mandated for some time after these thugs get out of jail.

Responsible citizens need to be afforded more gun rights to protect their lives


The WPD and NHSD should be allowed to shoot all gang members on site period. I say that because of they will never be a productive members of society. you cant wait until a child gets grown to try to correct them it starts when they are little. the law should be changed to if you are a member of a gang you get caught you get life in prison no question. or take them down to the water front in Wilmington on Saturday morning and have a public hanging how many examples will this take to stop the madness ( not many ). one of the biggest problems is policeman and police woman have their hands tied because criminals have more rights than a law biding citizen does. let the normal productive citizens be allowed to shoot them on site with out getting in trouble.

Thats Ignorant as hell to

Thats Ignorant as hell to say. Some People actually do change their lives around. Just because you're in a gang doesnt mean that you partake in Every violent/illegal activity that happens around this city. Im not saying that joining a gang is cool because it isnt. but saying that members should get killed on sight and life in prison for being in a gang is plain ignorant.

We could look at it a

We could look at it a different way...Let's say that we do shoot all gang members on site...which, I'm not really suggesting that we do, but let's just look at it for a minute. If gang members knew that would happen, how many gangs would be formed in the future. This problem just seems to be getting worse and there is so much violence all over the US from gang violence just in the past decade. If we only did this for 1 year I feel that we would be killing far fewer people than all the innocent victims they kill, and it would scare these young people into being a more productive member of society. It's just a thought and remember, I'm not saying that we should, but maybe we could look at it a bit closer.

It should be as successful

It should be as successful as Chicogo's.

Good idea but if things go

Good idea but if things go like usual, they'll spend $200,000 to bring in a consultant to study the situation for the next year or so.

New culture in our communities

The Culture has changed in our world and the public housing has not changed in 40 years. Money need to be spent focused on giving the youth better opportunity's with there time, which will create a more safe and lucrative community. Invest in our citys future and stop putting band0-aides on quick fixes ,that dont really do anything.

They already have a gang

They already have a gang unit! It's called CCU (Criminal Conspiracy Unit) they are 100% tasked with going after gang members. In fact they have worked side by side out of the same office with the county gang unit for years!

For christ sake, this

For christ sake, this country has more cops per capita than any civilized nation, and crime is rampant, reassign your people to deal with it,and supervise those people,we have a lot more issues than a parking ticket to deal with nowadays, take them out of their personal cars and put them on the streets interacting with the citizens, if they don' t want to do it, hand them the pink slips!

city gang task force

How many task forces do we need. We have an FBI gang task force already in place so why not use it and maybe place more officers there to all work together. This sounds more logical. Maybe the different units just don't want to play nice together.

Gang Unit?

No. Just a ploy to hire more employees. There have been gang units in both the City and County in the past. What happened to them?

Money well spent

Before the city pours any more money updating and renovating any section 8 housing in communities such as Creekwood. They need to spend money on hiring and training more taskforce and police officers. It is well known that the Wilmington Police Department is short handed and the personel they do have are overworked and underpaid severely.

Rising Violent Crime

I absolutely agree, we should not spend a penny more on subsidized housing of any kind. But we do need to add a lot more police officers asap! And they should be well paid, well trained and well equipped!

Guest 1984 FYI the city does

Guest 1984
the city does not fund public housing. This funding comes from federal dollars.

What good does it do to apprehend gang members if...

...the judges ad DA's make plea deals that put them right back out into society?

Allow me to provide you with a tiny clue...NONE!

No.. they should spend money

No.. they should spend money to drown all the lawyers and judicial members who continue to free them on previous crimes. Its political corruption to keep everyone in the system a job. Lawyers, cops, judges, DA's, Probation Officers, etc.

The judges and the district

The judges and the district attorneys do not make the laws. They only apply them. With the structured sentencing that North Carolina has, the judge's hands are tied when it comes to how long a sentence is. The only thing that they can control are the plea deals. The DA's office will allow defendants to plea to a lesser charge in order to clear them off of the calendar. A judge has to agree to the deal.

Glad to see someone understands the "real" crime problem!

You hit the nail on the head with that comment!

Also about the fines, bail,

Also about the fines, bail, court costs, rehab fees, driving school, domestic violence workshops, anger management..............all about the almighty dollar.