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Should Wilmington City Council approve an extra $1 million to pave N. 3rd Street?


Of course you need to invest in something that will last longer. I can't believe people are even saying no. If you disagree, then stop complaining about the roads in Wilmington. You get what you pay for.

Pay me now or pay me later

I for one am glad city is going to bite the bullet and pay the extra $ for a 10-year road rather than taking the state's cheaper option. If we did that, we'd be sitting in traffic again in 3-5 years waiting for them to fill potholes because road would already be failing again. They said at mtg last night that DOT had not paved the road at least as far back as 1995 and maybe longer than that, nobody was sure. That's just crazy, no wonder road is in such bad shape.

Does it really matter...

what your poll results indicate? It's a done deal...they spent the money.

Wait a minute

Didn't our illustrious City Manager Sterling (I'm rally the GOLDEN boy) Cheatham say he had an extra million hanging around that he wanted to split 50-50 between the stadium and the convention center?

Here yah go Sterling - pave the golden road known as 3rd St



Are you crazy? What DO you think tax dollars should be spent on if not to fix the roads? Vog, this has nothing to do with the City Manager. It just makes good sense.


Cheatham is about as useless as a screen door on submarine.
I know of someone that brought serious claims of misconduct in the police department as well as city human resources and Cheatham did nothing. I guess he forgot Chief Evangelous works for him and all departments answer to him.

Ok, guesty, I agree with you

Ok, guesty, I agree with you a thousand percent about Wilmington's illustrious city dictator, Sterling. To say that Cheatham is ineffectual, in fact, enamored of his own vision in the mirror would be like saying that manure doesn't smell too nice.... The question I beg to have answered is what would it take to unseat this professional bureaucrat?

no brainer

Let's see you can either spend the money now to do the job correctly, and not have to pave the road for 30 years. Or you can do another half-A$$ed job, and then have to repave the road in 5 years...Seems like an easy decision to make. Doing it correctly the first time may cost a little more, but in the long run, it will be a better built road that will last longer.


NO NO NO, the city built a convention center and has failed to bring in a hotel. we approved a transportation bond, and they have failed to adequately appropriate the money in a responsible manner. And they want to build a baseball stadium? what a joke. learn how to manage money. NO MORE TAXES, VOTE 'EM OUT!




I agree with you all 100%... No new taxes... We have to learn how to live within a budget.. the city shouldn't spend money it doesn't have...