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Should Wilmington Housing Authority CEO Michael Krause keep his job after getting his second DWI?

Time for Mr. Krause to move on...

...and get some serious rehabilitation. He was provided with one opportunity and even got a raise afterwards. I don't think it possible for him lead the great "Creekwood Community" if he has no better judgement than to guide a 5000 lb murder weapon at innocent citizens while he can barely walk from being so drunk. He obviously has no self-control and is no longer capable of being the leader his position requires.

michael krause will never learn

no i dont think so employers fire so many people for far less reasons and this guy could of killed someone i think its sad that he had another chance with the housing authority and blew it again he should lose his job and give someone a chance that will make a difference and dont have a drinking problem let him start from the bottom maybe this will teach him a lesson

Jeff Hovis is the Chairman of the Wilmington Housing Authority

Jeff Hovis is the Chairman of the Wilmington Housing Authority and President of Cape Fear Formal Wear which filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy last year. Perhaps Hovis should get his own house dressed up before giving others a dressing down. According to the federal filing, Hovis owes over a million bucks to creditors.

Peter Know What you are talking about

Mr.Hovis volunteers for about 20 hours a week to WHA. He did not file, the company he worked for did. Federal finding, again you might not know the whole story. Business and the economy aside, we need people to step up. There are laws and restrictions most do not take the time to consider. Focus on the issue do not beat up those you do not know. You just attacked the wrong guy, he has given us jobs, help and many times given us money to help when he did not need to. Peter grow up.

He should keep his job...

afterall...brian berger gets to keep his!

Brian Berger

Berger being able to keep his job! He won't change his promises.
I think it is just plain CRAZY. Does'nt deserve to be back on
the City council.


Dear Guest28472,

You must be kidding. The greatest difference between the two is that the people VOTED Berger in and Mr. What's His Name wasn't. No one had a voice in his even keeping his job after the first DWI. He should have lost it then! Any public official that commits a crime ought to loose their job and be knocked down to the lowest of humble position.
No comparison what so ever!

I wholeheartedly agree!

With the "Bafoon" part as well as the rest.
First, Berger blew a 0.08 (one time), Krause blew a 0.26 his first DWI (3X what Berger blew) and 0.32 on his second DWI (4X what berger blew and 4X over the legal limit @4:30 in the afternoon!) Krause has hit the bottom of the bottle, I mean...barrel.

Plus, Berger doesn't get paid 142,000.00 a year! There is absolutely no comparison!

Hopefully you are not

Hopefully you are not calling me a bafoon instead calling the individual that committed the crime. Please recall that Brian Berger is in court today for his DWI!!! I hope you are aware of that...second..."old guy" wisdom should teach you that "sticks and stones will break my bones but names will not hurt me".

Quite honestly...there is a comparison. Please "open your eyes and your mind" to the facts. Brian Berger is an elected official which is correct. How come the CEO of the Wilmington Housing Authority remain as a CEO is a question for the orgainization...not you or I.

Housing Authority CEO

It is a crime to drink and drive! The second tells me he cannot control his alcohol consumption. Makes me wonder if he's drunk on the job????
He blew a 3.2 that's a high number. Of course he should lose his job.
I want people on the job that are sober.

I have seen higher

The highest BAC I have observed as a LEO was .42. The driver had to be taken to the hospital for treatment. I have arrested several over the past 30 years in the high .30s but .42 is the highest I have seen and the lady could still stumble upright and cuss like a sailor. I have no sympathy for folks who drink and drive. To give a guy a break for the first offense is saying to everyone, go ahead and drive drunk. If you get caught, your first offense will only get you a slap on the wrist. Driving permits to drive to work is the usual for a first time offense. These offenders can still kill you or your family. In some countries, your license is gone permanently for the first offense. Not a bad idea.

A habitual drunk has no business in a job dealing with the public, in my opinion.


No one could blow a 3.2. .32, maybe, but he would be close to passing out! Rehab a must! Probation on the job too.

I think you mean .32 instead

I think you mean .32 instead of 3.2 .... still, it's a very high number indicating he's a heavy drinker and has developed a tolearnce for alcohol over many years.

He already had probation

They let him keep his job the first time and gave him a raise.

What's next, installing a bar in his office and giving him a limo and driver?