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The death penalty is a possible option for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev when he goes on trial. Should the AG pursue it?

Death penalty for the bomber

I voted Yes, but in reality, he will never face the death chamber. First, it will take one eternity to even get around to trying him. By then a lot of the emotion will have diminished and folks away from Boston will have moved on to another "crisis". Second, the sentencing will be flooded with anti-death penalty rhetoric and political correctness. Third, if given the death penalty, by the time all the appeals and legal mish-mash is done, he will have died of old age.

Holder should but he won't.

Holder should but he won't. Another thing you won't see is Obummer parading the Boston victims around like he does the Newtown victims.

He should hang.

He should hang.

Guess Obama is going to

Guess Obama is going to required background checks for buying pressure cookers now....this country is going down hill fast.

Mass Execution

Massachusetts hasn't executed anyone since May 9, 1947; the media is trying to sell something even the state doesn't believe in anymore. Get Real People!


This will be federal charges and heard in federal court I would venture a guess and say we don't give a darn when the last time Mass executed anyone was.

Perhaps they'll let The Guv throw the switch?