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Is the first day of school tougher on kids or parents?

left at bus stop

my granddaughter bus went right by her she called me to take here to school.took here to school. then she called me to give here a ride hom e because no room on bus. this is her first year going to laney. I think someone needs to learn a little math if you only have 40 seats you can't get 41 students on bus.good thing I was here.

The statement about school

The statement about school being hard for children is a joke in itself. School these days is a dumbed down curriculum designed to make our kids soft. Do you know some schools don't even have valedictorians anymore. Why? Because they say it isn't fair to the other students. Guess what kids? Life isn't fair, get over it, work harder and do better. I think our school system and society can really be summed up with one simple statement: "You are only as smart as the device you are carrying." Pretty sad.

It is tougher on teachers.

It is tougher on teachers. Parents are happy to get rid of the kids.

And at the end of the school year ...

... the kids are happy to get rid of the teachers. :-)

And you probably use the

And you probably use the teachers as a free babysitting service.

Looks like we're both about to learn something.

What you're about to learn: Both of my kids have already graduated from college, so your remark has no relevance.

What I just learned: I really thought you're initial remark was a joke, so I responded in kind. I was wrong. You're actually just as dumb as you appear to be. I just didn't realize you weren't faking it.