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Two months into his term, what do you think of Pat McCrory's performance as governor?

No way for this poll to be accurate.

It is virtually impossible to gage the performance of McCrory after only 2 months. He just assumed the role that was governed by 25 years of democrat "leadership" and bungling of state law, policy, education and finance by such.

WWAY, why don't you consider a useful poll like, "What should be the fate of Judges and DA's that allow multiple convicted FELONS to wallow loose AGAIN in society and commit more gun-related violence?"? You routinely publish articles involving local criminals that possess very extensive records of violence to society on a nearly daily basis. Wouldn't it be nice to see an approach to THAT problem?


He is VERY mean.

Just listen to all the

Just listen to all the crying. Face it the people of north carolina got rid of that looser perdue and voted in a real governor so face it she is gone gone gone.....HA!

I approve of him wanting to

I approve of him wanting to reinstate the drug courts. The jury is still out on everything else. It has only been two months. It is definitely too soon to tell.

Any republican is better

Any republican is better than what we had with Bev Purdue

Why should we be suprised

Why should we be suprised with what McCrory said he was going to do. And his opponent pointed it out over and over.
He, like the rest of his party, is more interested in helping big money than in helping the middle class. But, if things continue the way they are currently going, it is a battle he won't have to wage for very long. Soon there will be no middle class.


I totally agree, he has done exactly what he said he was going to do. Prosper the rich and kill off the poor and middle class. The Tea Party gave us Brian Berger and Pat McCrory, WhooHoo...not so much!!

But wait...

Didn't McCrory inherit this mess? Can't he blame it on Perdue for the next four years like your fearless leader in the white house does? Oh wait that only works for the dems right? You are just another sheep, don't you have a field to graze?


He is mean.


Gov so far very outstanding. I am sure he will get us out of what the Dem. have put us in for years. They put us in this mess and i am sure it going to take a Rep. to get us out.We need less taxes and some one that want give ever thing away and put us in debt more.