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What do YOU call a sugary, carbonated drink?


They say it in their question is a drink

always was a drink and a nab at the store.


Another name for high fructose corn syrup carbonated beverages is POISON.

High fructose corn syrup, which some studies have linked to obesity, may also be harmful to the liver, according to Duke University Medical Center research.

According to the American Dental Association, people who consume three or more sugary soda drinks a day have a 17 to 62 percent higher risk of cavities. Also, because of the acid found in most soft drinks, there is a link between drinking soft drinks and tooth enamel erosion.

The consumption of carbonated beverages has been linked to a health issue known as gastroesophageal reflux, or GERD.


Drink Water, aka H2O.




Born and raised in Wilmington and have always said I was going to get a drink.

Me too. Always called it a

Me too. Always called it a drink. Lived here all my life.

Aren't you just trying to

Aren't you just trying to duplicate the subject of the story? Can't you come up with anything just a touch more original and relevant?


I didnt vote because what I call it is soft drinks. I was born and raised right here in Wilmington.

As a child we would just say

As a child we would just say we were going to the store to get a drink.



Y'all need a choice for

Y'all need a choice for "soft drink".