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What do you think about Myrtle Grove Christian School's Biblical Morality Policy?

Rosia Butterfield

The most logical position of any one individual is that of Rosia Butterfield, a former lesbian tenured English professor at Syracuse University. The so-called "hate" Christians have is a figment of the secular society's imagination. If anyone wishes to know the logical Biblical position on homosexuality, you may wish to look this woman up on the internet. She has also written a book about her experience. "The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert: An English Professor's Journey into Christian Faith" Of course, the majority of folks would rather cast stones at the Christian community. Yep, we sure have a "pluralistic" society but only if the Christian checks their beliefs at the door before entering the realm of public discussion.

Morality clause?

Is this policy going to cover just gay parents or is it really going to follow the bible teachings and cover teachers and faculty having affairs as well?


As long as they do not accept Federal, State, or local funds they are a private school and they write their rules.

Way to go Myrtle Grove!!!

Way to go Myrtle Grove!!!

This policy is fine as long

This policy is fine as long as they get no local, state, or federal funding. What is next no African-Americans, Hispanic, or any other minorities are not welcome.

Keep that Christian faith!

But, of course!

Where else will the GOP/Tea Party get their future bigots and homophobes if they don't start raising them that way?

The old ones are quickly dying out!

Its not Discrimination, its private discrimination

There are many private establishments in this world that have to abide to rules against discrimination including hardware stores, supermarkets, and pet stores. Are you saying that ANY place has a right to deny services to a group of people? What if its a restaurant and they don't serve African American people? Still feel the same way? Does a limp wrist mean that you are not worthy of pancakes or a Christian Education? Seriously? The church should be the last place discrimination stops but when it comes to our society, especially in the south....its the first place it starts. The south is so far behind all issues of equality. I think the older white religious men in the south would vote for discrimination against gays, blacks, Muslims and Jewish people.....and even women. So don't tell me that they have every right to drag their feet into the next century. Accept the GLBTQI community or just die and become a speed bump as society grows into a more accepting society. (PS. That was in no way a death threat....I do not advocate for any persons matter how stupid or discriminating they are). Also I would like to point out that ALL children who are GAY and LESBIAN were born from a man and a woman, and most of the them were straight. This new plan will probably hurt many gay and lesbian children who will grow up and realize that they were gay and turn their backs on religion because it turned its back on them. Just Saying..... Good Luck with the PLAN.

How dare you!

How dare you compare being gay to being black I never heard of any gay slave ships or any wars fought over freeing the gays what about the million gay march ..nope never heard of it what about the 1898 gay riots that neither oh how about the gay Wilmington ten that doesn't ring a bell either.. what an ignorant comment and insulting to blacks or any other RACIAL minority to compare their struggles with homosexual

And by the way talking about old white men the way you did makes you a bigot as in you are against old men = age discrimination white men=color discrimination men=sex discrimination
See whats fair for the goose is fair for the gander least ways since a law was passed in 1964 by old white men, by the way.

So Anyone Who Believes In The Bible Should- "Just Die"?

Sounds like a death threat to me!

Sadly, The only hatred is in your own message. There is no hatred for anyone among those who follow Jesus Christ, for we are all sinners in need of a Savior. And thanks to Christ's great love for all of us, we have One.

But in saying Yes to Jesus, we also say Yes to doing our best to follow what God has taught. And while we all fall short of that goal at times; we try.

And for those who believe in God's Word, the only true source as to how our Lord would like us to live is in the Holy Bible. God, ever merciful and ever just, gave us Holy Bible to guide us, and to give us hope and encouragement. God did that because He loves us - all of us.

Those of us who believe in God's Word have a right to send our children to a private school which teaches the same; just as every other parent has the right to send their child to the school of their choice. And they should.

Just as we should be able to choose our own children's schools without anyone threatening us.

May God Bless you and your family always,


Get your own school

It's easy to stand on the sidelines and through mud or even suggest what Jesus said in your unknowldegeable person do what the bible states on the issue. I know that God destroyed Sodom and Gahmorah for the great wickedness of these citties. BTW the great wickedness refered too is Gay and Lesbian activities. And dare I say something even more deprave. When the bible is the rule of this school and you don't abide by it, then I suggest you open your own Gay and Lesbian school that does not allow straight people. I certainly can quickly figure out where those interested In your lifestyle will put their own money. I love Myrtle Grove and what it stands for! As much I would oppose a gay and lesbian school in our city, I could not stop it from happening, so go for it and see what God Almighty does. Don't test God you will loose.

What Bible are you reading?

What Bible are you reading? Mine said because there were none righteous. Please show me the scripture where it says GOD destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for Gay & Lesbian activities. It is sad when someone will make up their own bible verses to justify their wrong opinion.

I know that there will be a

I know that there will be a lot of grief from the Gay community. I say good for you Myrtle Grove and I am proud to be in agreement with them.

Grief? I think not!

Is that what you want from us, TAMMY A BROOKS? Grief? How very Christian of you. Tammy, You are a hypocrite. Plain and simple. Jesus would never, ever approve of your wishes, and one more thing, YOU'RE WRONG! We will not grieve. None of this surprises us and none of this will change a thing. You and your hillbilly bigots have always, and will always think this way, but the good news is, your numbers are dwindling. fast. Don't expect any grief from the gay community, TAMMY A BROOKS. I assure you, IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN.

churches are unfortunately

churches are unfortunately "backing up" to be politically correct of this supposedly sensitive issue, yet it is CLEAR that GOD states (God's word)this is an abomination of His commands, no matter HOW society today interprets or wants to interpret the word in any TRANSLATION.
YOU GO MYRTLE GROVE CHRISTIAN SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!! My Christian community
is in total agreement.

Myrtle Grove Christian School

We live in the USA. Myrtle Grove Christian School is a PRIVATE school, which means they get to make their own rules. Basically, if you don't like their rules, choose another school! That's freedom, people - freedom to make a CHOICE. This shouldn't have even made the news... smh

I mean...

I would agree with that, except that they're going to be getting $4,200 in taxpayer funding for every student thanks to the McCrory Administration's voucher program.

If they want to forego the vouchers, then by all means they can do whatever they want. But if they want their government handout, the public has every right to condemn them for their ignorance and bigotry.

Myrtle Grove School

I admire the administration for standing firm on Biblical morals in their statement of requirements for student acceptance into the Myrtle Grove School. Keep the faith!

Myrtle Grove Christian School

It's about time Christian stands up against sin. Total support for Myrtle Grove.

I absolutely agree and pray

I absolutely agree and pray they will continue to take this stand! If you don't agree with the Christian policy don't send you child there!

I think you should have the

I think you should have the right to any education you desire regardless of your sexual preference.let God do the judging you preach his word of love.

myrtle grove christina school

If someone doesn't like you why would you want them to take your money to teach your child!