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What do you think about Progress Energy's rate hike request?

Don't vote for Judge Ervin

Don't let Ervin get elected to the Supreme Court, he is their Golden Boy from the utility commission. They will never lose a case if he's at the highest bench, guaranteed.

Progress Energy rate hike

Progress Energy's rate hike is to be expected. All utilities have been forced off coal by the EPA's stricter regulations. Naturally our electrical costs will go up. I don't like it, which is why I will not support the current administration during the upcoming election.

One of the commitments

One of the commitments Progress Energy made when they were trying to merge with Duke Power was there would be no rate increases. I had a feeling that wouldn't be the case. Now that the deal is done I suspect we're going to see more and more rate increases. Someone has to pay for Duke Power's $14 million golden parachute to the former CEO of Progress Energy who only spent a couple of weeks on the job. Once again, the public got shafted.

Ervin_Power loves YOU!

Not to mention the cost of big legal teams they have retained to investigate the merger. Lawsuit-loving Judge Ervin can't wait to see all these files on his docket so he can laugh all the way to the bank. Ervin_Power says pay up.

What Part of "NO"

What part of "No, I can't afford another penny" don't these people understand?!? My family honestly cannot afford any more increases...PERIOD!!

Increase in Decline

Of course you can afford it, you can always cut the cable/internet. You don't need those to live by, phone either, in case of fire, your screwed anyway, so let the neighbors call before their home burns to the ground, need an ambulance, go outside and shoot up in the air, someone will call 911 and you'll get your help! Of course if you didn't live outside your means, you wouldn't be in this situation like the majority of stupid americans! How's Obama's change working for you now!


Cut the cable and Internet. Then your electric bill will go down. Progress Energy's revenues will go down. They will increase rates to make up for the decreased revenues.

You're assuming quite a bit

You're assuming quite a bit aren't you. Not everyone who is struggling is living outside of their means. My father retired a few years back and recently had to go back to work because things have gotten so expensive, he and my mother didn't have enough to live on. They say that when you assume that you make an ass out of "u" and "me". But I say that when you assume you just make an ass out of you.

energy rate hike

They don't care if some of us can't afford it! they will do it anyhow and then cut our power off this winter and let us freeze!

What is the point of asking what we think about it? The energy company doesn't care about anything except us paying the bill each month. and if we fall behind or can't pay then wham--off goes our electricity and that doesn't matter to them either.