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What do you think of Smithfield's sale to a Chinese firm?

support the US

I'm sorry Smithfield chose to sell to a firm from China. If they wanted to sell out surely they could have approached a company within the US. Personally I think it is a slap in the face to the US and to their employees. For health reasons I eat very little pork but I think I will overlook Smithfield brands in support of our country. What were they thinking?

Smithfield BBQ Restaurant is not owned by them!

The restaurant is not owned by Smithfield Foods. It is an independent company started in NC. Get your facts straight!!!!!


Do you buy your meat from Smithfield? If you do you are showing support for this buy out by the Chinese.

Hey Guest Porker

Does Smithfield restaurants get their meats from Smithfield packing company? You seem to be expounding on the "facts" and degrading people because you think they don't have the facts. Answer the question.

Yea right!!!!

To all of you that say they would never buy their product again. I don't believe you. You mean to say that you won't go to and enjoy Smithfield's Chicken and Bar b Que? What no fried chicken, Bar B Que, Pok Skins,Hush Puppies and Brunswick stew? Ya'll are crazy. We are not just talking about a meat plant but all of Smithfield's Chicken and Bar B Que resturants too. I just don't believe that you all won't go there after church and get their food. Hah!!!

guess what

Not everyone eats that crap. Not everyone goes to church either. Enjoy your meal with the rest of the fat pew sitters.

sorry i dont do church too

sorry i dont do church too hipocrites 2 i never been to smithfield resturants before. i eat at home. yes i brought smithfield hams before never again. if its got smithfield on the package i will not buy it,

Amazing - have you ever

Amazing - have you ever looked at your dishes you use at home. Most everything we have is made in China, they own our loans, they own us whether you know it or not.


when up on union dues during the merger employee including myself are trying to cancel our union dues by writeing a letter send the letter certified mail to the union I Doris George have sent a letter stated that i can,t afford the union dues because of my bills the union do not care about my bills they keep giveing me the run around all they care about is takeing our money

After all that has took

After all that has took place in this country since 2008 don't blame them one bit, cut and run before this economy tanks and nose dives off the cliff.