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What do you think of the abortion bill the NC Senate approved today?


People want to outlaw guns, but they have no problem killing babies. I guess that is because they know the baby doesn't have a gun.

Adopted babies?

Hum, I remember a 70's joke about how to limit the number of births: have each, at that time wedded bliss was enjoyed only by one man and one woman , so let the man have the first baby and the woman the second and that would be it! No man would ever consider having a second 9 month job like that. I also remember when the word fetus was used until the result of joining the sperm and egg could live outside the mother. Then it was a baby. And with all this concern about the UNBORN in a state that does so little for the health of the pregnant women; or the "born"children but rather cuts out early education and throws an unlimited number of elementary children into one classroom ...I mean why aren't there lines of people who are so concerned waiting outside delivery rooms to adopt the "accidental" babies? Or, just for the absurdity of it, why not teach 'real' sexual education in schools? Oh well, some of us note that the politicians who stir this up don't give a dam about the subject but they know that they can get votes by just mentioning this subject to a large number of people.

The going philosophy seems

The going philosophy seems to be that the life of a criminal rates higher than that of an innocent, unborn baby and higher than that of a law-abiding citizen.

About abortions

Most abortions are spontaneous and they happen naturally within the human body. Most women who have such an abortion never even know it because it happens in the first month. It's very, very common. So in fact the biggest abortionist, if in fact god is responsible for what goes on in your body, is then, god.

Just about as asinine a

Just about as asinine a statement as I've ever seen, but certainly typical of the mentality that approves of the assault on common sense and working NC citizens this legislature has undertaken.