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What do you think of the Brunswick Co. School Board's decision to go back to a staggered schedule?

Flip the stagger!

The younger kids should be going to school first. You can't leave a 1st grader on the corner to wait for the bus because you have to be at work at 8:00.

Money doesn't grow on trees

Money doesn't grow on trees for most people in Brunswick County, anything that can be done to control the cost should be done, Cooke should get the boot for ever messing with the times, there is 1 other way to curb bus cost, put all the kids on the same bus and let the bus stop at the different schools and let them off.

Also if a kid is not at the stop waiting to get on the bus, continue on, it is not right to delay the world because of irresponsible parents.

This is absolutely terrible

This is absolutely terrible for the kids. This needs to be re thought.

The traditional system

The traditional system should have never been proposed. This is a step in the right direction.

It's Staggering!

It's Staggering!


Thank you.
I am one who likes the staggered schedule.