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What do you think of the NC Senate plan to offer teachers big raises in exchange for tenure?

teacher tenure

Many of you seem to be misinformed. First, teachers can be fired. Tenure only provides teachers with due process in the face of possible termination. Second, there is no teachers' union in the state of North Carolina. Third, teaching to the test, believe me, is not the ideas of teachers. Fourth, teachers are not paid for the eight week during the summer, but are expected to work 50 hours plus a week during the school year and use summer to get prepared. Quite frankly, the public is getting a lot for thier money.

All part of the plan

McCrory and his GOP cronies are out to destroy the education and environment for the future on NC's children.
Get rid of the teachers, force those that can afford it to go to private schools and the rest get to go to sub-standard public schools where their only option will be fast-food/ service jobs, the military or fracking/Titan Cement.

All for campaign contributions from people like the Koch Brothers and Art Pope. All to insure THEIR future.

Ever get the feeling you (and your children) have been cheated, North Carolina?

You have a huge ring in your nose don't you?

You go well beyond a simple "sheep" and speak as a pig with a ring in his nose being led wherever the dems want you. I know plenty of kids with advanced college educations that don't even have the ability to flip burgers or bag groceries at the local market.

Give 'em a smartphone and FaceBook and you'll have something though, right? Yep, what you'll have is another idiot running over people while texting and driving, while at the same time lacking the ability to pass by any mirror without staring at themselves in awe.

Education is and always has been a responsibility of the parents and the students IN ADDITION to the instructors. We're quickly losing two of those responsibilities (student AND parent motivition). If they don't care, then don't depend on the teachers or the politicians to do it for them! When you democrats decide to get up off your asses, accept a bit of accountability, do things for yourselves and stop depending on government for everything you desire, you'll find more fruition and less frustration!

Pig with a ring in his nose

Hate to be the bearer of bad news but the reason some pigs have nose rings is to prevent them from rooting and not for the purpose of being led.

Just saying ...

You are correct!

And thank you for your observation. However, I can guarentee you that if you put a chain on that ring, that pig can be led wherever you want to take him!!!


Now I want some bacon.


Can anyone name anothr job where you can not be Fired if you do not do a good job ??

Woody White

Chair of NH County Council. Berger Basher. Spend thrift of NHC tax monies for exorbitant and unneccessary legal fees at his sole discretion.

Never right


Your Answer:

"Can anyone name another job where you can not be Fired if you do not do a good job??" (Unquote)
Bill Saffo (Wilmington Mayor in Arms)

I sure can, how about most

I sure can, how about most in Washington to start with !

Got one


Uh, I don't think so...

Teachers in this state are lousy. They should not get a raise AND have their tenure revoked. Tenure is an archaic unionized protection system to keep lousy teachers in place robbing children of a decent education.

If you don't like the system here, move somewhere else. I am so sick of this whining by the teachers - who profess to love what they do and it's all about the children - well, prove it. Stop whining.

My girlfriend is an ER nurse and does more good for the populace of this fine town than any "teacher" has to date. Stop whining!!

I wonder how your girlfriend

I wonder how your girlfriend got to be an ER nurse... oh yes, she probably had great teachers along the way.

Uh, I don't think so...

The teachers in this state are robbing children of an education while trying to meet the testing requirements. "Teach the test." Pathetic.

They should not get a raise, should lose tenure - which is an archaic and inexplicable union protection which should be abolished as soon as possible. The rest of us have to perform at our jobs or we get canned, why should "teachers" be exempt from this same accountability?

If you don't like the pay, go somewhere else. Whine, whine, whine.

If they are that good they

If they are that good they won't need tenure.

teacher raise

I think this is a great idea because you've got alot of teachers in schools that aren't doing a good job and this a way to weed out out those teachers. There's alot of good teachers too and they want have anything to worry about. Teaching should be rewarding in its self and most people know the pay before they expect a job. When I went to school teachers cared more about their students and when your child was struggling they had time call the patent personal not emailing or making a computer generated call to the house. Teachers are under payed but all they are doing is teaching for end of year testing. Life is not a test you take each year and we are teaching our kids that. Teaching needs to go back to the basics go the 1st five years and then maybe our kids will have learned where and how to make changes for the future.

teacher raise

I think this is a great idea because you've got alot of teachers in schools that aren't doing a good job and this a way to weed out out those teachers. There's alot of good teachers too and they want have anything to worry about. Teaching should be rewarding in its self and most people know the pay before they expect a job.

NC Teacher Pay

Trading job security in exchange for a pay raise sounds like blackmail to me. Moreover, bringing our teachers' pay to 27th in the nation indicates that our legislators consider mediocre to be an acceptable standard for the education of North Carolina's youth.

Teaching is the lowest paid profession requiring a college education. Common sense tells us that the best will migrate to endeavors that are more lucrative. Over 250 years ago John Smith told us in "Wealth of Nations" that essentially you get what you pay for. The exodus of outstanding educators from the profession serves as testimony to the validity of Mr. Smith's observations. The education level of our representatives in Raleigh makes it unlikely that they are unaware of this very basic economic principle, so one must question what their real agenda might be.

In keeping with what appears to be a systematic dismantling of our state's public education system, we voters were sold on what was supposed to be an education lottery. Then with full knowledge that the restrictions placed on the use of lottery money would prevent it from filling the void, our representatives slashed the education budget. Only the State's General Fund has benefited from the "education" lottery. This kind of "bait-and-switch" con would put any of the rest of us behind bars.

this is one time this will

this is one time this will be a one sided survey, teachers and family will slam this one, so you are not going to be anywhere near accurate from the average taxpayer or parent whose child has to involved in public education

I cannot believe how little

I cannot believe how little respect our representatives and governor in Raleigh give our teachers!!! The "shapers of our children's future"!!!!
They should be ashamed! Phil Berger is a complete IDIOT!!!!! I would hope NO TEACHER in NC will vote for anyone in Raleigh in 2014 and 2016!!


Maybe when our legislatures elect to forgo their due process or life terms.. when voting in their own pay raises ..may I add from taxes..then those we put in office can ask teachers to do the same...

Tenure v. Raise

Legislators obviously have no connections to public education! Year after year our teachers spend thousand of dollars out their own pockets for their classrooms so that their children will have what they need. But year after year salaries have declined. Not even a cost if living raise. Veteran teachers are in the clasdrooms because they love what they do, not the money. Unfortunately, those in charge of salaries don't respect the ones who train all others. Why do teachers have to lose in order to be able to pay their bills.

Teacher offer

Considering the current salaries for teachers in NC one wonders how there are any positions
filled. That being said, being offered a few dollars in return for losing any security in the future is
an offer that should be refused. For a state in which those in charge have banned gambling it is
ironic that they have chosen to play "craps" with the lives and futures of those teachers .....and ultimately
with the futures of our children.

Loss of tenure compared to gambling? "Playing Craps.."?

I'll bet the sixth grade was the most difficult three years in your life! Pity on the teachers that had to deal with you for making such an asinine comparison.

Here ya go Einstein. Gambling is, "The act or practice of risking the loss of something important by taking a chance or acting recklessly." Now tell me, is that little bell beginning to ring in that cranium of yours yet? But, perhaps you're correct in a sense. For those educators that are "lucky" enough to get an education degree and a teaching certificate without having talent and being fully qualified, I suppose getting into the teaching business would be a gamble, a serious one. While there are a lot of great teachers out there, there are a substantial number that would be much better off as plumbers. Teachers that know what they are doing and have talent, have nothing to worry about, the rest SHOULD and WILL!!! That's what this is all about!


That senator that was discussing that proposal is the same idiot that was behind the sneaky action that cancelled tenure. It was attached to the budget and would have never passed on its own. Apparently, this idiot has no idea about education or what teachers deal with. For a teacher, one year contracts are foolish. They work in a public arena with people's children. If they make the parent angry because the kid did not pass, then a weak principal will fold to pressure and fire the teacher. It will be a disaster to education in a nepotistic state like NC where some have power and most do not. Teachers in this backward state must have tenure to work. Only an totally uninformed idiot would think that tenure insures a position. I was an administrator for years and can tell you that I dismissed many tenured teachers. Its very simple, if a teacher is not doing their job you follow the process and let them know what they need to do to improve. If they do not, they are released. Also, for any inappropriate behaviors (sexual, criminal, etc), they can be fired immediately. In short, tenure is nothing more than due process. It means that you can not be terminated for no reason. Without tenure, teachers can be fired without any reason given. Okay, you have a county commissioner's child in class and he just cheated on a test, are you going to give him a zero? Without tenure, you might as well resign if you do. Please do not fool yourself into thinking this type of thing doesn't happen. I have seen it happen to teachers without tenure. Tenure helps teachers to maintain the integrity of the education they provide without fear of pushy parents, crooked politicians and weak principals...of which there are many of each. If NC does eliminate tenure, I have a new plan which might be the only way we will get the Troops to Teachers plan but it will be Convicts to Teachers (we will have to take what we can get).

For the state Senate to

For the state Senate to offer such a plan to our states teachers is a travesty!! Teaching children is among the most noble of professions and I can't, for the life of me, figure out why the North Carolina state government hates it's teachers!! Teachers should get the full raise and more, plus keep their tenure! What's the purpose in taking the tenure anyway? Why do we keep putting these people in office? They do NOTHING to help the citizens of this great state. I say "STRIKE TEACHERS! STRIKE!!"


It's not a raise. It's a bonus paid over time which amounts to little if nothing given inflation and rising taxes. Have pity for taxpayers who are asked to provide raises when they are hurting, too.