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What do you think of the pay raise for New Hanover Co. Manager Chris Coudriet?

Did he deserve it??

When is the last time a city or county employee got a raise?? What about teachers?? His raise (the monetary amount) is more than I made last year... Someone made the comment "Did you successfully run a large county last year?" .. Are you serious, how successful were we actually? We have one of the highest unemployment rates in the state..... and I can go on and on about the issues that this "LARGE COUNTY" have!!

It is disgusting that after

It is disgusting that after six years of suffering by county employees that this man gets a huge pay raise and once again the rest who are employed by the county get shafted with a 2% pay raise that does not cover the current cost of living and are once again left to suffer. Those in office should be ashamed of themselves and this truly shows how the county commissioners feel about their employees. Im glad someone in the county government is not living from paycheck to paycheck like the rest of us. Hope you sleep well at night.

Pay raises for Deputies

enough said...

The rest of us

I wish I got a 10% raise, must be nice

Did you successfully run a

Did you successfully run a large county last year?

I doubt it, but then...

...neither did Chris Coudriet. To call New Hanover a large county is a joke. It is the second smallest in the state.

Did the Commission record

Did the Commission record Brian's "NO" vote in absentia? It's VERRRRRY INTERESTINK that these proceedings were held and closed before the judge rules on the propriety of Berger's removal.

It's a total joke!!!

It's a total joke!!!

pay raise

why should he or other top officials get a raise. shouldn't they look out after their employees first. they are the ones who deserve the pay raise first then the top officials.