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What do you think of the picture of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on the cover of "Rolling Stone" magazine?


throughout the entire ordeal did we not see that very same image splashed across our big screen TVs? In bars and restaurants? All over the place?

Or is it because it's Rolling Stone? That bastion of liberal journalism?
Fox News even had that picture up for hours............

I don't get this.........

Rolling Stone

It's their magazine and they can put whatever picture they want on the front.
If it upsets you, don't buy it.

Can't judge a book by it's cover ?

Rolling Stones point with this cover is, What's inside a person?
They may outwardly portray an innocent,attractive and mild mannered youth. However a demon can dwell anywhere. A deranged brain can be found behind the prettiest face.
Had the Tsarnaev brothers been walking home on a rainy night on a Florida street they wouldn't have been profiled and stalked and wouldn't have found shot to death. It just goes to show that evil isn't on the outside, it's on the inside.

If, on that rainy night, one

If, on that rainy night, one of the Tsarnaev brothers had attacked a neighborhood resident, knocked him to the ground and began pounding that resident's head on the concrete, they may have met the same fate as that unfortunate, 6 foot tall 175 lb "little boy" you allude to.

Written like a true racist!

You don't have any idea what would've happened to the Tsarnaev brothers if they had been in Florida on "a rainy night"! To your point, had the roles of Martin and Zimmerman been reversed that night, NOBODY would've heard a peep out of the media about it, much less the racial devisiveness that was afforded and instituted by the media in that case!

BTW, the Rolling Stones rag hasn't enough intelligence to "portray" anything on their cover, much less anything as sublimely prophetical as you seem to believe. They accomplished nothing but embarrasment to themselves and total disregard to the American people involved in that bombing.


To your point. There is not enough news print, air time or social media
hours to cover all the numbers of killings that occur in this country.
Most are needless and people like you make no effort to change that.
My superior intelligence to you doesn't require me to call you names but it does cause me to pity you.

Don't need or want your pity.

Just to clear the air for you. I campaign heavily to keep convicted felons behind bars. I rally for judges and DA's to sentence properly and prevent those that don't care about society from re-entering it from prison. I constantly write my congressmen and senators with concerns over the release of multiple convicted felons that have proven a disdain for both law and society and continue to wreak havoc on it. You have absolutely no idea of my efforts to make change and you certainly haven't the character or credentials to name anyone as "needless".

And you may just want to put some of that back pocket "superior intelligence" of yours in gear before posting your comments in the future. From what I'm seeing, you'd be much better of calling names.

"My superior intelligence "

Hey G-O-M, ya just gotta laugh at some of the stuff he says.

His "superior intelligence"? Look up some of his posts from the ball park days just last year. When he wasn't outright lying, he was just being wrong.


Only you .....

Only an extremist liberal like yourself could find some way to get to the left of something this heinous. Even if the point they were trying to make was valid, they screwed up, made a mistake, used bad judgment, were in horribly bad taste. Are you so extreme in your views that you can't even see the obvious .... ever?

Just once, I repeat, once, it would be refreshing to see you get on the right side on some issue. Any issue!

To Quote G H W Bush

Ah Ah, Aint gonna happen!!

What do you expect...

...from a radical left wing rag?