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What do you think of the plan to increase pay for new teachers in North Carolina?

If you can read this, thank a teacher!

It is both shocking and disturbing to read the replies associated with this poll since most of them are riddled with spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors, (beyond those seen which are typically typographical in nature).

That stated, only someone ignorant in general would argue against paying teachers a wage that is considered 'average' at best. The use of the terminology 'ignorant' simply infers that such person is not knowledgeable of the extent of education necessary and of the full understanding of the requirements of the job regarding criteria such as actual duties, responsibilities, and time involvement beyond the clock-measured day. For example, only a fool would believe the often-quoted statement, “a teacher works only 8 to 4, with an hour off for lunch, Monday through Friday, and has all weekends, holidays, and summers off.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Also, how many professions beyond the classroom demand that education be continuous and also at employee expense while using personal time?

Yes, teachers are under-compensated, under-appreciated, and under-respected. Yes, there are bad teachers, just as there are bad employees in every profession, and all bad employees should be subject to immediate dismissal.

Governor McCrory's pay increase proposal may be politically motivated, but it is without party affiliation. Despite the impressions here, under the plan, all teachers with up to 10 years experience – about 42,000 of them – would see their pay rise to $35,000 by the 2015-16 school year.

Perhaps considered comical today, when I began as an educator in New Hanover County, my starting salary was $1550.00 per month for a ten month contract. No, I did not get paid for the two month "summer" off. I considered myself to be an effective, if naïve, teacher. My decision to enter, and exit, the profession had nothing to do with money and everything to do with concern for what I perceived to be in the overall best interest of my students.

My, how times have changed.

Been there !!

I have never in my life seen such a group or classification of workers act as if everything is owed to them. I worked for the state of NC for almost 18 years and did a job with much more risk of life at stake. I left for the very reason the teachers are complaining of. PAY!! I used my God given abilities and the knowledge I obtained to start by own business and make almost twice as much as I made with the state. Please put your talents to good use. This is a great country with opportunity everywhere you look. You just have to keep your eyes open and your mouth shut.

Why should teaches get a

Why should teaches get a raise when the general working people have not seen a raise in years?
I would also point out that the majority of job applicants with recent high school,and even higher education diplomas are not ready for employment.The basic skills are poor at best. Employers don't have time to teach basic math and language/cmmunication.What is it these highly valued teaches/schools are doing to earn more money?We spend more money per student than any other country.
No the teacers can EARN a raise,not be given one.

McCrory's still bitter over

McCrory's still bitter over that awful grade in Government and Economics

teachers raises

What about all school employees!?

Teacher Raises

It defies one of the basic principles of management. If you hire new employees at or above the pay of existing employees it will demoralize not only those directly affected but the entire staff. The action by our legislators reminds of a team fumbling the ball, picking it up and fumbling it again and again.

I wish I could do 60 to 70%

I wish I could do 60 to 70% of my job and expect a raise and never get fired for poor performance. Let's make the increases based on the results like the real world.


What are you talking about? Did you even read the question? It deals with increasing pay for NEW TEACHERS. To keep people who graduate with a teaching degree in state. Like they do in the REAL WORLD. I hope you do your job better than you read this poll question. Or maybe you only read 60 to 70% of it.

i think it should be across

i think it should be across the board for everybody because some of these teachers have not seen raises in 5 years and i think there time is due also

It is increasingly obvious

It is increasingly obvious that the governor and legislators want to look good by being able to point out that the starting teacher pay is equivalent to the national average. The other shoe will fall, especially come re-election time. Enjoy your time in office folks.

current top 25% are slated

current top 25% are slated to get raises, the other 75% either need to increase their teaching ability's or look for a different career path, what this state needs is top notch educators, and money will not buy you that, that is a natural born desire in an individual.

Yes Most teachers who remain

Yes Most teachers who remain in the profession have a natural born desire to teach and a desire to eat and support a family also.

New Teacher Raises

Who do you think mentors these new teachers? Veteran teachers give their time and experience to guide these new teachers as they enter the profession- it's a slap in the face to all teachers!

Just when I think McCrory

Just when I think McCrory can't do anything to hurt teachers anymore he never ceases to amaze me! How can he expect college educated professionals to remain stagnant at the same salary for over 6 years!Can't wait to vote him out!

teacher pay raises

If the current teachers don't get a raise, no on should. This one sided raise can and will cause resentment.

What about raises for all

What about raises for all state employees? Impeach the Governor!

Teachers pay

NC is lagging behind most of the nation in teacher pay. Not only do the new teachers need an increase but the longer working teachers as well. We need to pay our teachers more and less to folks who can bounce and pass a ball. The teachers hold our children's futures in their hands. Let's pay them for this important job!

What about

What about other State Employees? This is BS I protect my community with brine on the street for the upcoming storm......which will probably not happen again. I have not rec'd a raise since 2010, but county employees get a raise every year.


Then quit whining and get a job with the county.

Teacher Pay Raise

A higher wage for beginning teachers is a good incentive for up and coming teachers like my daughter who is currently attending UNCW in her Junior year. Obviously, to catch up with the rest of the nation, a system which would consider giving raises to existing teachers, is also needed...

Pay raise for teachers and other schoolpersonnel

I feel like if McCory had to put his self in some of the employees with the school system, he would know how it feels to NOT had a raise since 2008. I work with the school system as classified cafeteria/bus driver, we're on the bottom of the list for a raise, we need one just like the teachers--current and NOT the first year.He would be poor if he had to get a payroll check like a school personnel because after all deductions is taking out there's not much enough to stretch from month to month.