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What do you think of the response from government and power companies to this week's ice storm?

I think overall, those in

I think overall, those in charge did a good job. The public for some reason seems to expect officials to be able to look into the future and see exactly what is going to happen, which limbs are going to fall, which power lines are going to come down, which traffic lights will stop working. Sometimes, we have to be patient and work together and be responsible for ourselves. If you have a tree limb over your roof, call a tree company to cut it off. If you need lights, refrigeration and such, buy a generator (and some extra fuel)to use while the power is off. A lot of the problem was sightseers who should have stayed home instead of adding to the problem. I would like to see the utility companies trim each and every tree that could possibly be a problem in a storm. The city could also use generators to run the traffic signals at major intersections until power is restored. But, overall, I think everybody did a good job.

Power companies great job as

Power companies great job as usual. They have their act together. Local law should have had presence at all Major intersections. Power companies 10, local law 2