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What do you think of the state of education funding in North Carolina?

state funding for education

I wonder what percentage of the 62% thinking the State needs to spend more on education has any idea what percentage of the total State budget is spent on education. It seems that when a government program is failing as bad as our education system, all people can do is think throwing more money at it will fix it. Our education system has received more State money than needed to correct their problems. As a starter, try getting rid of some teachers who are not qualified to teach; do not know what they are doing.

Info for Ron

In 1969 52.5% of the budget went to education.
In 2012 38.5% of the budget went to education.
(Keep in mind this includes colleges and universities)

"Our education system has received more State money than needed to correct their problems."

Ron, Please call the Governor and share your solutions. We can then give the extra money to DOT.

"As a starter, try getting rid of some teachers who are not qualified to teach; do not know what they are doing."

The state requires Traditional Public Schools to hire teachers with strict certifications and licenses. Charter schools do not have to hire as qualified teachers because of the legislature granting them the ability to hire lesser qualified teachers.

How do you suppose to determine who is qualified?

reply to education spending

This is for the person who replied to my comment regarding state spending on public education. I do not know where you obtained your data, but try reading

This will provide a little insight into what is really happening.

When the so called

When the so called "education lottery" was being pushed under Easley
or Perdue, there were not supposed to be any problems with all of this
money that was going to pour in for school construction and higher teacher salaries. Now, after many years of having the lottery, we have learned that this fund of money raised by the lottery was constantly raided to fund other non-education projects. Use the money
collected by the lottery for its intended purpose, education, or change the damn name. Its not the NC Education lottery.

Goolsby is deluded

Either Goolsby is deluded or trying to hoodwink the public with his remarks that education is 11th in the country with state funding. Perhaps it is 11th if you take away EVERY other source of funding: local and federal. Using all sources of funding is how the list is usually compiled, and that list has us close to the bottom. Ask any teacher how much they miss their assistant. I had physical limitations that would have required my leaving my classroom years earlier than I did had I not had a wonderful assistant who could take the children to all of their activities outside of the classroom. I am forever in his debt. Best practices tell us that the one thing that all professionals agree on that makes the most academic difference in a classroom is small class size; whether it is accomplished by adding personnel or decreasing the number of pupils. This General Assembly has done away with both of those things. The next thing we will see happen is that students will not enter college to become teachers and a teacher shortage will result. There is no incentive in NC to become a teacher or stay a teacher.

Pass the buck, please...

Goolsby is a typical politician who, now that he has some power, is all too willing to wield it against the society we have tried, as educators, so hard to build.

Almost Part Time

How can you gripe about working an average of 180 days a year? Onslow county gives there teachers a 10% "bonus" at the end of year. If a teacher in Onslow makes 46k that means 4,600 in monies the teacher (competent or not) gets this every year. Stop your gripping!!!!!!! not to mention you guys go one week more of vacation instead of a raise!

Info to help.

Not all counties give out supplements.
Some counties that do give out supplements that are considerably less. Columbus County Schools, for example, gives out 2.5%.

Teachers are not allowed to take that "week" of vacation by state law. They can however take it in leu of other leave throughout the year and bank it for retirement.

Teacher Pay has been frozen for 5 years. Many of the youngest teachers are still making starting pay. About 30K a year. But... keep in mind that pay is relative. The state takes an automatic amount out for retirement. There is the added health care expenses now thanks to Obamacare. And...their tax rate may higher due to funny IRS rules about the health care plan.

Now.....factor in the actual hours most teachers, even the incompetent ones you like to call out, and then check their hourly wage, ouch.

So lets look at a current 5th year teacher.

Lets' say you are a high school science teacher. With paper grading, after school duties, lesson planning, etc. The average high school teacher puts in at least 50-55 hours a week with their responsibilities.

So a 5th year science teacher would make about $12.50 an hour. Not bad, compared to some people, but considering they had to go to school for 4 years and now may have student loans to pay back...not as attractive.

In just a few years, even if the legislature doesn't restore funding, NC schools will have a hard time finding teachers.