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What do you think of the WHA Board's decision to fire Michael Krause?

Although, I have no doubt

Although, I have no doubt that he is guilty, we live in a country where you are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. Look at what happened when Wilmington fired the firefighter after being arrested in Virginia. He was found not guilty & is currently trying to get his job back & be paid for the time he was out.
However, even if Mr. Krause is found guilty, does the WHA require a valid driver's license as a condition for employment? People get DWI's every day in the private sector, but we never hear about those. If everyone got fired for getting charged with DWI, then there would be constant job openings for all kinds of careers around here. As long as he is not drinking on the job, this shouldn't be the reason that he is fired. He, however, should be fired for allowing someone making 80k+ to live in public housing.
People, including the media, are always quick to crucify those that work in the public sector when they make mistakes. Public employees all have such thankless jobs.

This just shows what

This just shows what drinking can do to a person. It ruins your life, your families life. It's so sad and all these young people drink as much as they can as fast as they can and have no idea where all this can lead to. His wife must be a saint to live with this kind of home life. I feel sorry for his children. I grew up with parents who were "social" drinkers. If I needed to talk to them about anything I best get it done before 7 a night. It's a horrible horrible life.

WHA director being fired

He should had been fired after the first incident.