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What would you think of an ordinance prohibiting gang members from Wilmington park?


A whole lot of time and a whole late!!!! As a gang investigator from the late 1990's it was apparent back then as it is today that Wilmington doesn't believe that we have a gang problem. Trying to convince the Sheriff and the Chief of Police that we even had gang members was an up hill battle. Back then the cops were not even allowed to say the "G" word let alone know about them. The attitude of our citizens has been apalling! "We don't have REAL gang members like they do in LA, Chicago or New York"! Yea we have REAL gang members like we have right here. They can kill and mame just like everybody else. Does anybody remember Kyle Berry? Of course "Krazy K" wasn't a REAL gang member. Not. He killed at least two people and is now serving a REAL life sentence for his sins. The kid at the Rhino club wasn't a REAL gang member either. Not. And a host of many more through the years just ask any LEO that will speak up.
So what's the answer? Knowledge is the key! Proactive Law Enforcement! (Those that don't get puffed up by the work and public thanks) Citizens that are willing to tell the truth and live by it. A lot of mercy and grace might go a long way as well.
Wilmington it is time to wake up and know all of the dirty little secrets and areas that we can help with! God Bless us ALL!!!!!!

why cant they build a park

why cant they build a park just for gangs to go shoot it out. its a park just for them.

This ordinance wouldn't be

This ordinance wouldn't be passed with the thought of it actually keeping gang members out of the parks but would serve as an additional charge that could be brought forth, say when a gang member drops a loaded gun in a park and your toddlers finds it and shoots his or herself.

I'm pretty sure in that case you'd want the maximum punishment. Even if was just an additional fine.


I bet it would work just as well as the laws prohibiting the crimes they commit. Better yet, let's ban them from Wilmington! Think they will leave?

Bad Idea

It is a bad idea,it will give parents a false sense of security.It may as well be a gun free zone because you think for one minute the gang members are going to stay away because of a ordinance?Get some common sense.I would much rather have a gun than a law to protect myself and others.

Gangs in the Park

I think Wilmington needs to check the constitution and bill of rights.
Gangs are bad but those people have as much right to relax in the park as you do. Who is going to enforce it, a sign. Get real.


That'll probably work as well as the recently declared cease fire..... double geez .........maybe if the law writers ask real nice they will turn in their weapons and start going to church too.

They have obliterated all the gang members and their dealings in the public housing sector haven't they? One would think it is about time they wiped it out in the parks too. This will be small taters and should only take 5 or 10 years at most to accomplish.

Somebody let the DA know so that he can fire up his "Charges Dismissed" office to handle all the new cases.

Great Idea It will clean out

Great Idea
It will clean out the parks, and strike fear in the hearts of gang-bangers.

"Oh no ! I can't go there, because I'm a gang member, and I might get in trouble."