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What's your prediction for Hurricane Season?

Every Year Prediction

My prediction is that most storms will reach 45 miles per hour at the center of circulation thus becoming a named storm then a day later become a tropical depression. Hence the more named storms the more funding for the Feds (NOAA) to waste next year for operations.

Here's the REAL reason...

...for naming every storm they can. It has to do with the "Named Storm Deductible" clauses on virtually ALL coastal homeowners insurance policies. 90% of those deductibles rise from an "All Other Perils" deductible of $1000.00 up to $2500.00 all the way up to "Named Storm" deductibles which are a minimum of 2% and up to 4%+ of the full property value. So for example, a $350,000.00 property deductible rises from $1000.00 to a minimum of $7000.00 and up to $14,000.00+ right away! Same thing happens to a $100,000.00 property. They name every storm they can and insurance companies LOVE THEE LIVIN' HELL OUT OF IT!!! And once a storm is named, that's it, no matter if it dwindles down to 20mph, it's a named storm and the homeowner pays!

Who really cares what our answer is ?

If professionals can't seem to get it right very often, why would you be asking us?

Here's a better question: Why are you asking us such dumb questions?