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When do you think we'll know who wins the presidential election?

Election was won before it started. Social Media won.

It doesn't matter. Social Media and the Media decided this race prior to the first ballot being cast.

It's a trick question

It's a trick question anyways sheeple. The president isn't elected until December 17th...


30 people don't care?? That is incredibly sad. You should care!

More than 30 people don't

More than 30 people don't care because 90% of the population is stupid and just vote the way CNN tells them too... If they had any brains they would kick the Obama juice and stop pushing our country towards a socialist/failed state. The people who voted "don't care" actually do, they have just given up on society...

it will be Florida or PA to

it will be Florida or PA to make this one a 2 week one