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Which Azalea Festival concert are you most looking forward to?

call me when Iron Maiden plays



I see that many justifying Nelly's Azalea Festival participation are using the "you don't know him," or "he's not a gang-related rap artist" approach. Really?

Perhaps YOU should practice what you preach and research yourself. Why not go and read the lyrics to his "song" "Ride Wit (sp) Me" here:

In one song he glorifies drug use, crime and the mistreatment of women. And he repeats racial slogans over and over.

Poor choice for an event that supposed to be family entertainment.


Did any of the powers that be at the Azalea Festival even take the time to Google lyrics from Nelly's so-called songs? Here the city is facing a serious drug and gang problem and they book a guy that practically advertises that lifestyle and makes him a headline act.

I will not be attending ANY festival events this year in protest.

Hey guest111

You obviously have a computer (you posted here), do you think you might have "googled" Nelly, maybe listened to some of his music, BEFORE you popped off?!? Might have changed your mind and you'd be a little bit more informed - win, win.

And it shoots your "it's a behavioral" problem all to heck.

Put Azalea Festival Concerts Somewhere Else

I love the comment about Nelly being the wrong kind of artist for the Azalea Festival Concert what else does the Azalea Festival offer the black community during this event. How do you think the residents of those nearby homes feel having to hear any of that other noise that is being made during concerts downtown. I live ten blocks away and sit on my front porch and hear that noise. If it's that loud ten blocks away how loud do you think it is when your home is closer. They need to move the concert back to UNCW's gym. I can say the last time I attended a Azalea Festival Parade was when the Manor, Colony and Bailey Theaters were in existence. And comment about bringing the wrong element downtown, heck it's already there with the bars and drunks.

whoa Nellyhater

Don't know him..don't know his music, but judging anyway. That's not racist at all. And I'm sure you have quite the long list of gang warfare experience. Rubbish.
The 2, (Jackson and Nelly)are nearly equal in hasbeen points, and that is the way the Azalea blooms.
Get Sturgill Simpson in there. He's a nice quiet boy.

Good, hole some music

Why don't you get some good music like Lawrence Welk or Perry Como! This rockity rolling is not going to last. Long hair hippy freaks!


Who the heck is Nelly?
Is that the girl from " Little House on the Prairie"? LOL
Guess I will head to Holden Beach and get out of this mess. Us locals have to escape around this time of year. LOL.

behavioral issue

I think Nelly's concert is in poor taste. Let me be clear. I have never heard of him and never have heard his music. The reason I feel this way is simple and let me say now I am not a racist. . . and never have been. The problems we are having with gangs has gotten out of control. I have been told gang members listen to rap and some rap songs suggest killing people and law enforcement. I think having a concert of this music is going to draw the wrong crowd. I also think it will not be a safe place to be. Law enforcement is going to have to be there in large numbers to keep control. That in itself is wrong. I personally am shocked to my core that the Azalea Festival committee selected this entertainer. This is NOT a black or white issue. It's a behavioral issue. All the riots, marches, killings in the street and drive by shootings are not a black white issue. IT'S A BEHAVIORAL ISSUE.

"You have been told" didn't

"You have been told" didn't someone in your life tell you not to repeat what " You have been told" but find out on your own? I see you have a computer so use it. Wilmington, North Carolina is my 2nd home, my 1st is Jersey City, New Jersey and I must say that from Feb 1993 - June 2007, I have seen, felt and heard so much negative things from old, your grand parents were racist, you are scared of blacks for no reason, I hate that my son loves Blacks/my daughter loves Blacks people in all my life and I have worked with and for so many people in different backgrounds. It's sad to say but get your sheets from under your bed because you all are really showing your true COLORS................... Behavioral Issue? well you should behave in a smart way and stop repeating " What you have been told"! Good Morning

You people won't take responsibility for bad behavior. use race

Ok I didn't accept what I had "heard"! I listened on yyou tube. Again, I say it's an awful entertainer and we don't need him here with all the problems we have already. Have you heard his music?

If you have not heard his

If you have not heard his music then why are you commenting? Just because the man is black does not mean he sings "Rap" music. If you must know he actually sings a little country music along with R&B (rhythm and blues just in case you did not know)! SMH oh but we're not racist?! Please get your life...

Well at least you admitted

Well at least you admitted to being ignorant before you went on to make a blatantly ignorant comment.

Nelly is,not a gang related

Nelly is,not a gang related artist.His music is not of violence. He is about education for the kids as a matter of fact when the issues occurred with the police officer shooting and killing the young man in Ferguson he stepped in and did many stop the killing protest he even got a scholarship set for young people so that they can continue their education. He makes a difference in St.LOuis for all people of color. He has many organizations set Up to provide the needs of families he even,got a school. Nelly is not one of those to be in the spot light on negativity he is a father who is also raising his deceased sister children. So to me he is an stand up guy who has nothing but love for everyone. I was surprised when Wilmington said he would perform because all my life living and going to the parade I have neVer seen anyone from the R&B back ground perform and I am happy they are exploring other genics of music besides country. I for One will make that Concert.

Your an idiot.... Nelly

Your an idiot.... Nelly isn't a "gangster rapper".... White or black I know you've heard the song "Hot in here".... Nelly has a song with Tim McGraw.... He's not even considered black anymore.... Don't worry none of the "gangsters" will even be interested in seeing him.. "Bring law enforcement, he's black" is what you should of said if you think ANY gangsters will be at a Nelly concert...... If they let some ... white rock band perform, there would be 400 white people drinking 1000 beers and picking fights..... Not what I wanna see while I'm trying to eat a funnel cake and buy things

Behavioral Issue

If you don't know who Nelly is and you have never heard of his music..then how can you make a point to NOTHING you know about??? You said this isn't a black or white issue, but you just made it one. Someone who has to "clear the air" and state that they are "not racist", is a red flag to EVERYBODY. You know the latest song he was in, he was in a country bands song? So before you post nonsense, educate your self.