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Which candidate do you think should be New Hanover Co. Sheriff?

Ask Sheriff McQueen if Benson is honest or worthy

Ask Sheriff McQueen if Marc Benson is honest or worthy of being Sheriff. Ask Bensons last employer Cape Fear Investigative Services if Marc Benson is trustworthy enough to be Sheriff? References from his last employer would be a good start to find out more about Benson. Ask Marc to provide those.

What is the TRUTH???

Obviously Mr. Whatisthetruth hasn't worked in Law Enforcement either. Have you ever worked for or with Marc Benson? What do you know personally about Marc? Do you know him? Apparently not just what you have heard from some other person or source. Why don't you sit down with Marc and ask him the questions you want answered. I'm sure he will make time to answer any and all questions just for you. Was McQueen absolutely honest? Was Bill Ratcliff completely honest?
So I call you out about Marc. I call you out about any and all persons involved in Law Enforcement. Don't you know that all Law Enforcement Officers make great liars?! I have worked with all of these people that you have mentioned and I don't want to bust your bubble but out of all of them I trust Marc Benson a lot more than I do you. You lie too!

Benson is a liability

No need to speak to Marc. Call Cape Fear investigative services and ask to speak to The owner. He will provide you with insight on Benson. As a business owner I always check with last employer prior to hiring anyone. This should give anyone interested in Benson a good understanding of who he is. Vote Vaughn in Republican primary.

Mr. Rat, any intelligent

Mr. Rat, any intelligent employer will not give a reference other than confirming dates of employment due to fear of a lawsuit. I have never met Benson, but I know him better than the current or prior sheriff due to his radio show. He has been on the radio for over 10 years, no one could hide their true character for that long, he is what you see or in this case hear, a very genuine person.


A reference from a last employer makes or breaks most applicants, especially when applying for a critical position. Are you claiming that speaking the truth about a past employee will cause a lawsuit. Guess none of your employees have ever applied for the military or a position in a daycare. That's why references are provided. Benson should be ecstatic to give his past employer a chance to explain what type of employee he was. Your mistaken. Nothing to hide so let's here what his last employer thinks of him. Good investigative journalists may want to sniff around.

Who would believe the Rat?

And believe Bill Ratcliffe's words? He has a horrid reputation in his field. No way. Ask people in private investigations.

Face the man

If you want to know I'd suggest asking that to his face or make a public records inquiry. or better yet he's been on the radio every Saturday for the past ten years, why not call up and ask. It's that easy.

Grinding Ax Sid running, Mad Feds put his son in prison 2010

Sid HAD to leave in 2009, his son was arrested by the FBI for his fictitious straw-buyer mortgage fraud scheme. Sid is only running to be back in and seek revenge on all the people he blames for what his son committed. Do not let 'Sids Revenge' sidetrack our focus on daily violent crime.

McMahon and Grace Baptist = Corruption

I attended a funeral of Rev. Long last year, and for FIVE, yes 5, hours, a group of deputies stood outside Grace Baptist Church, doing nothing. What kind of taxpayer-expense-nonsense is that? This was a 3-hour funeral service, and the deputies were on that detail for an hour before, and who knows how long after. Then, a friend passed on a FB post, a video of NHSD cars conducting a police escort, with a number of Deputy cars, with flashing lights, escorting the Wilmington Christian Academy (of Grace Baptist) into town, after they won some lame Christian school tournament. I've been sent a number of other posts like this where Grace Baptist had inside advantages with NHSD vehicles, ride-alongs, etc. I'd love to see a tally of the expenses the taxpayers have incurred for all the work done for Grace Baptist Church. McMahon needs to be replaced.

Why didn't you address the extra WCA expenses?

What about the flashing-lights police escort on I-40 (how dumb and dangerous was that?!) when WCA won a tournament? How biased is that? How about all the man hours with NHSD cars at their annual school carnival? How about the homecoming parade cars, as the other person mentioned? Does every school get all that specialized attention from NHSD? Or just Grace Baptist? Why didn't you address those?

re: McMahon and Grace Baptist

While this time may seem excessive to you, this is a common practice and has been long before Ed MaMahon became Sheriff. I fail to see how this equates to corruption. Why has this not been an issue until Grace Baptist Church was the church with a funeral escort? I can assure you, there are MANY other churches who uses this service from the Sheriff's department, and tax payers paid for those too. Most of the time, these are at least five hours. To single out Grace and call this church corrupt because Sheriff McMahon is a member there shows how biased you are. The members of Grace pay taxes the same as any other church members in town and should not be accused of being corrupt because a deceased family member was escorted, the same as other church families have done. Not only do churches receive escorts, but celebrities and politicians do too, all at tax payers expense. Why was this not an issue when Sid Causey did it?

Crime Of The Century- Having

Crime Of The Century- Having a deputy swing by, to do a little crowd control, at a church event. And maybe treat him to a hot dog, and a soda.

If this is as "corrupt", as it's gotten, in the last 4 years, then give me at least 8 more.

who whodood who for the first baptist church??

Want to talk Church. . here's one for you. Why is it that Sid's church, next door to the old Sheriff's department building downtown, bought the old sheriff's building for 1,000,000??? Value of the building and property was 7 or 8 million on tax records. Who whodood who to get that pulled off? Disgusting!!

It's always been done, so McMahon should do it, too

Also, great argument. McMahon should waste money, just because everyone's done it in the past. How refreshing it would be, to have some new blood in this county leadership, who DON'T believe that the past waste of taxpayer money is okay. Again, McMahon's character is seriously questioned by just his jumping ship to the party that would get him the job.

re: McMahon and Grace Baptist

The point I'm making is, if you're going to stop funeral escorts for Grace Baptist, you should stop ALL escorts. It isn't right to single them out because it's Grace Baptist Church. There is an issue with traffic safety of those attending funerals at intersections. When the county gets sued for denying escorts and an accident happens, don't blame the sheriff. There are always going to be someone who thinks they know what is better for everyone else. If only it were that simple. Maybe you should take it on yourself to see what churches in the county are the biggest users of funeral escorts...tell them no and see what happens. Don't stop with them, when the Azelea Festival comes to town, stop escorting all the movie stars and entertainers all over the place, same for politicians, they are no better than anyone else. So if you think the escorts needs to be stopped, that's okay, but at least be fair and unbiased about it.

I'm glad you see it too

I'm glad someone else sees it! Every year he sends numerous deputies and units to the homecoming parade at Wilmington Christian Academy (aka Grace Baptist) at taxpayer expense. It has gotten out of hand. The Citizen's Academy that he touts is nothing but a political tool. While a shorter, more economical version is useful, his version is a drain on county taxpayers' money. They blow through ammunition at the range while deputies can't get any to practice with because it's too expensive. They get shirts, challenge coins, nice religious devotional books, and a CATERED DINNER. Are you ready for this one? ALL alumni of these academies get to come back EACH year and are given another CATERED dinner. This is separate from the graduation dinner. They have been calling graduates in an attempt to get them to help out with McMahon's campaign including working the polls. Is this ethical?

McMahon and GBC/WCA

You rocket scientists ARE aware of the fact that better than half the time the church, the academy or any other church utilizing the sheriff's office, or WPD or any other law enforcement agency is usually paying a contract fee? The Sheriff may provide them services occasionally, and honestly it's his department and he could do this at his discretion if the budget allows, but many times churches pay for the service. My church pays a contract fee to the sheriff's office or ILM public safety every weekend to help us with traffic control before and after our masses. Research, before you run your mouths people.

Benson is best

The Governor of NC found Marc Benson so qualified, that he appointed him to the state board overseeing private security personnel. Benson also does extensive pro bono work, and is such a skilled investigator that the nationally-known CUE Center uses him. Can't find a job? Hardly, Benson is so busy serving in so many capacities, but if you listen to his show, you'll know he's sick of the fake-reduced crime stats that McMahon's office is reporting. Meet Ed McMahon, and yes, you'll find him to be a very nice guy. But ask the deputies. McMahon is a puppet for the old Causey regime, and McMahon is as clique-y as it gets. How many people has he hired from his church?? How can anyone of character switch parties, effectively screwing his voters, just to get the job he wants? This fits with his faking the lower crime stats.... to make himself look good. Ed's all about himself.

Benson is a nut who has lost three Sheriff elections..

Stop it with Benson. The citizens have spoken THREE seperate elections and said no thanks. He can't find a job in law enforcement. Marc Benson is certifiable.

McMahon is the right man for Sheriff

He works with the Wilmington Police Dept and Chief Evangelous. McMahon is a Christian man who was a pleasure to meet. Having graduated from the Sheriff's Citizens Academy, I got to know and understand him and his department. I told him he didn't get my vote last election, but he earned it this time around. I have informed many of my friends and told them to meet Sheriff Ed and join the Citizens Academy. He is the right man for the job.

McMahon hides things

I am comforted to find a comment on here from someone else who has been a victim and experienced Ed McMahon's corruption. He is scary because he has so many people fooled. His nepotism is pretty well-known, but he has hidden crimes for his staff. It is the truth, I have documented what I know, and they have already come after me once. You dang well better keep your identity hidden with this old-boys group in command. The only one of these candidates who would not put up with the corruption is Marc Benson. I have watched carefully for some real complaint against Benson, and the only thing I've seen is "he's run before." He's the most skilled, most experienced, and the only one of these candidates who is really passionate about truth & right in law enforcement. As a victim of crime in this county, trust me, McMahon and Causey need to GO.

My Vote

Here is what I am thinking ! Sid and Ed ...still the old system. me is no one without a clue. Benson is a new guy that knows a little something . I want to call this Benson guy out , bring in new blood and give him a try, and if he screws up...I won't vote next time for him.

Marc Benson to End Weakness and Corruption in the NHC Sheriff's

Marc Benson is the best man for the job of NHC Sheriff. While Causey's problems are really no secret, McMahon's weakness and corruptibility are less well understood. Yes, he was picked as a puppet, and that is because he is weak and can be manipulated. He is not a good leader, and he lacks the strength to be a good sheriff--if what you want is someone who will stand down even the most powerful criminals. Marc Benson has the right police chops in his background, he sees through the corruption leftover and still influencing the sheriff's department, and he has the strength and integrity to stand up against it. Marc is the one the crooked people fear, and he is who we want in this county if we want to have integrity at the helm of the sheriff's department.

Citizens are afraid of Benson

Marc Benson is a radio DJ with a Saturday two hour talk show. That has been his gig for years. He hasn't been a Law Officer because nobody wanted him. So instead, he is a private investigator chasing cheating spouses around and videotaping their encounters for divorce law suits. Nobody...and I mean Nobody in the Law Enforcement Community, is knocking down the door of Marc Benson. He is unstable. Listen to his show and hear the tone of his comments. He doesn't present himself at all as someone who should EVER be considered as Sheriff of New Hanover County.

private investigators

Do you have any idea how many retired police officers have gone in to private investigating today? A LOT!!! including Causey.

Jacob, Jacob, Jacob

Since it is obvious that YOU have never worked in Law Enforcement and YOU have never been around Marc or worked with him YOU need to save YOUR comments for someone else. It is apparent that YOU don't have a clue as to exactly who or what Marc stands for or is as a person especially a Law Enforcement officer! Marc has more experience and education underneath him than YOU will ever have therefore making him the fresh new look that New Hanover County Sheriff's Office really needs as to the OLD Democrat way of doing business. YOU see that New Hanover County has never had a Republican Sheriff ever. Change is in the wind from the Good Ole Boy System.
Comment on what YOU know not what YOU have been told. Get in there and do YOUR research as to the real facts of the matter!

Vaughn not Benson

Old guy, Old guy, you know Benson has lost three elections right? You know the voters of New Hanover county stated three seperate times said no way to Benson. Your aware Benson sounds much like the old guy at the sports bar telling everyone about how great a football player he Used to be and would have been offered a scholarship if his coach would have played him more. Benson is irrelevant except to the few who drink his kook aid. You enjoy his flavor but the majority of people in our county will drink elsewhere. That's why Jason Vaughn is the guy I'm looking at. He has some semblance of professionalism and a demeanor that is suitable for Sheriff. If Vaughn doesn't win, I will vote McMahon. Under no circumstances will this Republican EVER vote Benson. I got burned with his buddy Brian Berger last time. It won't happen again.

Jacob, Jacob, Jacob

Do we really want an attorney to be our Sheriff?? Really?? I am sorry that you got burned by voting for Brian Berger. That kind of was your own fault right? Again let me say to you you have never worked with any of these guys. Do your research on all of the candidates and you will discover that there is only one logical choice for all of the people not just some.

Logical choice is NOT Benson

The citizens logically did Not choose Benson the past three times he ran for Sheriff. Old man you fail to acknowledge Benson isn't what the voters want/wanted. Benson is not a person that has the demeanor to be Sheriff. Period.

Flying kites

If Sid Causey isn't smart enough to fly a kite, should he really be running for Sheriff? Geez