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Which movie do you think should win the Oscar for best picture?

There you have it.....

54% don't know or care.
The Movie industry is not seen as important by most folks - it is entertainment, something that can be easily given up in hard times as we cut back on spending.
Given this, do we wish to continue incentives for filming? The Legislature is justifiable in letting them go as it's NOT government's job to pick winners and losers. Yes there will be some people who will get hurt by that but as the Legislative Study showed, we would create more jobs by lowering taxes overall than using the targeted incentives (which have been shown to not work at all).
Its a leisure industry looking for welfare type handouts, and the product they produce doesn't seem to be important to most consumers.


Haven't been inside a movie theatre in about 10 years and don't plan to go.

Winners not even listed.

Why are "Lone Survivor" and Shadow Recruit not listed?

Wilmington Observer

They were not..

They were not up for Oscars.

Show Business

Show business is the business of America, and there's no business like show business.

We're a dumbed-down nation because of it.

Speak for yourself Casey....

..."Show business" is one of the great attributes of our country. We are a world renowned leader in it. We're a "dumbed down nation" as you put it because of ridiculous politics, greedy politicians, this "PC" crap people follow, parents believing it is wrong to discipline their children and believing that the reduction of gun violence comes from removing rights of law-abiding citizens rather that keeping criminals in prison. We can also add the facts that people have forgotten what manners are for, lost consideration for others and the belief that we need to perpetually keep entitlement recipients on the gravy train rather than motivate them to do a few things on their own and earn a bit of responsibility.

Then we have people like you that post senseless statements that mean nothing because they have nothing better to do. Try reading a book sometime, it'll do wonders for expanding your thinking.

So Casey......

If show business dumbs down America...
And Wilmington is considered Hollywood East......

then WE are dumber than most people....


That would be 100% correct Vog !

And the voting record of Wilmingtonians clearly substantiates that.


Be careful here. We ALL make mistakes in voting (always in retrospect) so that's nothing new.
Besides, I'm not convinced that there was a "good enough" turnout in the muni elections to lump everyone together in that category of being somewhat brain dead.
I DO vote and from time to time feel bad about who I voted for......
All you CAN do is shrug and say next time the other guy will get my vote!
Ricky Meeks for Mayor......


We're not a dumbed down

We're not a dumbed down nation because of Hollywood. We're a dumbed down nation because of a sorry school system and a lazy population that takes not personal pride in themselves or the work they do. You only have to look as far as the local news. They hire kids that cannot pronounce the names of the streets of the city they live in, don't have a clue as to what a real investigative report is and in most case don't have a clue as to how dumb they sound. You can't say pretty much the same about our politicians.