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Which party do you think will do better in NC in this election?

Very sad

Like many I work very hard, pay taxes have no second income in my home,and recieve no help from the goverment. But I do have a heart and know many women who are single mothers that work just as hard or harder than me that need food stamps to care for their children. Yes the system is screwed up and I hate that, but you cant punish or forsaken the poor. I wish many of you could vist the places Ive been and seen what ive seen. I grew up as a food stamp and HUD child!!!

No Surprise

No surprise Republicans have 74% of the this ole racist city/town or whatever yall bumpkins call it these days!

Guest1022.....Anytime you

Guest1022.....Anytime you are ready to go back to whatever place you came from go! One less relocated @$$ we would have to deal with. Too many of you anyway!

On the way home from Myrtle

On the way home from Myrtle Beach tonight I saw a billboard that says: "When Democrats win, everybody wins." I sure did need that laugh tonight.


That was a misprint, they meant for it to say: "When Democrats win, lazy, welfare sponges win and the working suckers pay the bill."


guesty,we can always count on you for words of wisdom.LOL...Second thought you are a heartless jack@@@@s.


The voice of the tea-baggers has spoken!

don't know / care

Exactly WHO does not know or care about these questions? I wish you would take that option off your poll. It really steams me to read charts and see how many people don't know or care about issues. . some more than others.