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Who do you feel is responsible for the climbing unemployment rate in North Carolina?

These "sweepstakes" machines

These "sweepstakes" machines are a rigged scam. My sincere compliments to the State of NC, the Courts and Law Enforcement for shutting these racketeers down FINALLY.

lost sweepstakes jobs

Over 10,000 jobs were lost in January when they forced the Internet Sweepstakes Cafe's to close. Knowing this how can anyone blame the sudden rise in unemployment on anything else. People should see that closing these places hurt a lot of people & their families in NC.

Don't worry, those crooks will immediately find another way... scam and snatch dollars out of the poor, desperate and unknowing peoples pockets!

I don't know who to hold responsible, but...

...all I know is there is 6 houses being constructed around my area. The entire crews are mexican, from the foundation guys, to the framers, boxing and siding men and the roofers.

Are they LEGAL? Your bet is as good as mine! Most likely not. You can find the same in ANY neighborhood where housing and constuction is going on, both commercial and residential. The only white guy is wearing the white hardhat, driving around in the truck and supervising.

Are they paying their income and property Taxes? Are they buying medical insurance? No.

Are they getting Foodstamp and Housing assistance? Are they birthing babies and getting medical care at the American taxpayers expense? Are they dipping into the Social Security system of which they never contributed a dime? A resounding Yes.

Whoever IS and HAS BEEN allowing this to escalate to this level is who is responsible!

God help us

I had really hoped McCrory would do better by the citizens of NC, but it's painfully obvious that the McCrory admin has little direction, no vision for our state, and lacks the leadership necessary to solve the problems we are facing.
Perhaps they'll shape up but at this point I doubt it?? Based on the state legislation introduced and passed as of late I can only conclude the citizens of this state are in deep doodoo. I feel like a sucker for voting for McCrory at this point. Inept, incompetent, crooked....all of the above. God help us.

Well, yeah, why not

We all know that everything is Bush's fault. Obama said so. He just left out the part about who controlled Congress during those years.

Yeah, let's blame the

Yeah, let's blame the president for everything........

Voted for The McCrory

Voted for The McCrory administration: Lacks understanding of how businesses plan and operate.

Voted for The Perdue administration: Understands how Perdue’s and Easley’s pay to play program works.

Voted for The Obama administration: Gets it.

Voted for The Bush administration: Clueless sponge for the communist indoctrinators.

Voted for Wall Street: Toss up. An Occupansy.

Fortunately, Erl, the

Fortunately, Erl, the mainstream of the Republican Party is distancing itself from the insulting spew that the likes of you consider to be political discourse.