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Who do you think has the best chance of replacing Rep. Mike McIntyre?

God help us....

There's not a name on that list worthy of filling Mike McIntyre's shoes.


I am a registered republican but I tend to vote democrats in for local and state elections.

I met Mr. Barfield when I was in a very stressful time, having a loved one in the trauma center at nhrmc.

What struck me about Mr. Barfield was his humility, compassion and integrity. He is a fine human being and an honest man who sincerely wants to serve his community to make a difference and to help make Wilmington and NH County a better place.

He should be persuaded to run and fill Mcintyre's seat. I truly believe that Mr. Barfield would be an asset to the State and work hard to represent the people of our area regardless of their race and political affiliation.

White the Blight of NHC

are we kidding ourselves- White has all the charm of Nixon; the ethics of Joe McCarthy and the smoothness of John Edwards- his sleaze ball tactics against many folks make him unfit for Congress.
Better a weasel- than White

Barfield Not!!

Many of my friends call me a flaming Liberal. I plead guilty. It gives me some discomfort to not feel good at this time about Mr. Barfields chances.
Mike McIntyre will not be missed by most Democrats. We wish him well,and thank him for his service to this country. We suggest that he finish his term and then change to the party he supports with his voting record.
District 7 for a Democrat is rough sledding and it will take a very special candidate to attract the voters required for victory.
Mike was able to attract a mixed base of voters including some middle road Republicans and Independence. Conservative in his voting record was very important to those who would elect him however clean cut,military supportive,Christian, and white also played important roles.
It is my opinion Mr.Barfield will have difficulty holding McIntyre's base and will need to find a base of supporters that are real Democrats.
I hope they are out there? Best wishes to Mr. Barfield.

"Barfield will have

"Barfield will have difficulty holding McIntyre's base and will need to find a base of supporters that are real Democrats."

Start in the prisons and ghettos.

Twisted & Sick

that about sums you up!!

Ricky all the way!!!


big babby burger

I say old brian burger should run, since them slobs on the board want to get rid of him so bad (becasue they are prejudiced against autistic's) he could prolly win too, because even though he has some small personal problems i think anyoen would agree that ANYONE would be better than that old libbercrat mike mackentire who is a dumbocrat and needs to go back to new york with the rest of them weirdo libber slobs!


Rouser is McIntrye light and Barfield is Obama Heavy

White and Barfield do NOT

White and Barfield do NOT need to get elected. They both wasted money on trying to get rid of Berger. The last thing we need is one of them in Congress wasting our money. The budget is already tight and we do not need them throwing away more. Remember the money and time they wasted when going to the polls!


Thats where you are wrong. Brian Berger is wasting our money. He didnt even show up for the first meeting. If he had a prior engagement he could have let the other concil members aware. I say dock his pay every time he is a noshow/late. Why pay him if hes not there.


Barfield was against the a motion process to get rid of Berger.


Actually, Barfield was not in on that. That was Woody's b.s.


Money spent on getting Berger out of office was money well spent. I can't believe there are morons around who still support that guy.

Berger stands alone, And tall. We saw that Tonight.

Brian Berger is the only politician ever to stick to his promises, might not be pretty or sound great, but it's admirable the guy is still alive and still doing what he promised. Look at how whenever they throw Berger in jail they come right out with things decided in secret, and behind closed doors. You probably work for the county and are in the closet with them.
Credit Berger for trying with everything in the world fighting him and reporters and woody and barfield up his arse they don't even let him speak. Bergers biggest problem is probably the police who throw him in jail, spend millions and he's innocent. Imagine that. Woody is another fake republican, barfield a fake preacher, the others in bed with Titan and special interests. Only Berger isn't trying to line his pockets. The WPD and Sheriff need to deal with gangs and violence but ben david and sheriff causey-prostitute are too busy harassing berger to do their jobs. get out of politics mr. government worker afraid berger won't raise taxes to pay for your 28000 raise this year.

ill informed

Informedresident??? Of what town? Sid Causey isn't sheriff anymore and hasn't been for several years. Thanks for the laugh this morning.


Barfield's comment about a former sailor always supporting the commander in chief was ignorant at best and did not portray him in a positive light. He needs to come up with some better sounding arguments for supporting Obama and Co. or nobody will ever take him seriously. The reassuring fact is though, that someone who basically professes blind loyalty to Obama and the Democrat party will not get elected in this district. I don't live in New Hanover county, but if I did I would be troubled that a county commissioner couldn't come up with a better line than that. I won't even mention Berger.