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Who do you think should be held responsible for tainted well water?

Tainted Well Water

I guess what is most alarming here is the fact that many people in New Hanover County still have well and septic in 2013. We live in a very small county, which is mostly urban. Why wasn't the adequate infrastructure for water and sewer put in place throughout the county? Because the County and City governments were and are still INEPT. They pad their pockets and cronies' pockets with graft from the tax payer dole, while they allow critical services to remain in a state of neglect or downright nonexistence. CFPUA was a necessary evil because of both Wilmington City Council and New Hanover County commissioners outright refusal to invest in the creation and maintenance of this critical infrastructure. The true blame lies upon the Government for not providing for safe water and sewer for all county residents. Septic tanks flowing up at ground level, kids and dogs flopping around in that filth, and that filth taints the ground water supply that you have to tap into for drinking. It is 2013 right? WTH has gone on in this town for the last 40 years? Duplin county residents have water and sewer for crying out loud, but folks north and south of Wilmington are one step above an outhouse?

Why don't you have an option

Why don't you have an option of the polluter? Don't you think it would make more since to hold the person responsible that caused the problem. In Flemington many landowners water were tainted by the county landfill through no fault of the landlords or tenants.

Too complex for a poll

You just can't boil this down so simply. How did the well become tainted . . Naturally occurring minerals, industrial pollution/activity, dumping by landlord, tenant or other. In most cases there is some shared responsibility.

you hold the person

you hold the person responsible that "actually" did taint the water or allowed it to be!