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Who is most to blame for the federal government shutdown?

liberal logic

let have all the liberals that want this crap pay for it, the perasites of America. they haven't bleed this country enough, they want more


Least liberals can spell parasites.

Republicans have been

Republicans have been allowed to bully everyone to get what they want. How many childish acts must the American public be asked to endure, such as the gentleman who was getting paid while he read Green Eggs and Ham. Their checks should be stopped and not reinstated until everyone being effected are back on their jobs getting paid.

Hussein standing firm

Hussein standing firm against WWII vets. Is anyone really surprised?

Blame all of them? Having

Blame all of them?

Having no luck repealing the ACA in either house or the Supreme Court, the Republicans are
using the other wise non-partisan formality of increasing the debt ceiling as a means of getting
their way. The ACA is federal law, a long overdue approach to mending our incredibly bloated
health care system. Face it, no Republican would never dream of anything a tenth as comprehensive,
but... It needed to be done. Let's be adults and admitt as much. We've kicked this can down the
road long enough. So here we are in 2013, several years after the ACA was passed and signed
into law, a law the Republicans have voted to repeal 40+ times since its passing, and the Republicans
are refusing to sign on to an increase in the debt ceiling, in effect CHOSING to default on our
nations financial obligations - all in hopes of accomplishing something they couldn't otherwise do.

This type of blatant grandstanding plays well for the cameras and the echo chamber media outlets
that hawk their "principles", but it absolutely degrades the level of civility and seriousness we project
to our own citizens and the rest of the world. The Republicans have had ZERO chance at repealing
the ACA, but now they do - for the absolute wrong reasons. It's political blackmail, pure and simple.

You are an idiot!

Not even a paragraph in and it is clear that you are an IDIOT! The Affordable Healthcare Act is a joke, starting with its name. There is noting affordable, about responsible people who already have healthcare seeing their rates increase dramatically. There is nothing in the act that reduces bloat. In fact, getting the government involved will only multiply the bloat.

Unfortunately, I have to get back to work try and earn enough money to cover the increase in my insurance (which may exceed my mortgage when it is all over). So I will reiterate, "You are an IDIOT".

Let's be adults ? At the expense of unborn children?

"We've kicked this can down the road long enough." .... How ironic that you can say that about health care but not the national debt.

"the other wise non-partisan formality of increasing the debt ceiling" .... To people like you that's just a formality? Are you kidding me? Saddling as yet unborn generations with the burden of our profligate spending doesn't bother you? Wow, talk about the "me first" generation!

Affordable health care

This whole thing has been a failure from the start and will only get worse,it will tax health care providers to the max causing all kinds of problems,delays in treatment,cancelation of certain treatment programs and the effect on the elderly will be catastophic and it does nothing for mental health issues which in this day and age is extremely crucial in our society,think about our boys coming home from a conflict we should have long ago walked away from,again this is a bad idea with far reaching consequences.


The ACA was passed into law, deemed constitutional by the SCOTUS, and Obama was re-elected by a majority of Americans. Repeat--It is a law. If you don't like the law, vote for those that oppose the law so that they can appeal the law.

The House Republicans are trying to stop a law that has already been passed. If you blame Obama for this, then you should also blame him for...

The sinking of the Titanic
Starting the war in Iraq
Carolina football on probation

Unbeliveable lack of knowledge...

As a political producer, I covered the continuing resolution (CR) process for years, including the shutdown of 1996. None of the previous shutdowns were EVER efforts by Congress to overturn a law IT passed which was upheld by the Supreme Court. Why? Because of the dangerous precedent using CRs like this sets. This would mean every law is subject to a second "passage" through the CR process. They are trying to bypass the separation of powers and do so in a way they will also make the future legislative process unworkable.

The House GOP, and the House GOP only, is to blame for this shutdown for using this tactic. 80 Members signed onto this strategy in an open letter to leadership 6 months ago. If a "clean" bill were put on the floor today, it would pass with bipartisan support but Boehner can't bring it to the floor for a vote because of Tea Party GOPers.

To blame anyone else more than the House GOP simply shows a complete lack of understanding for the legislative process.

Obamanomics Health Care Bureaucracy

I am sure you have never read the constitution but you really should. The House of Representatives is simply performing their constitutional duty by reining in out of control spending. The President and the Democrats managed to pass this monstrosity without even one Republican vote, did so in the middle of the night and added in goodies for all their friends.
Now the President has 're-written' the law another 18 or so times to benefit his friends such as big business, congress, and the special friends of the Democrats.
This guy is doing what the British, the Germans, the Japanese, North Koreans and Russians couldn't do - destroying the country.
God Help Us!
Martin Smith, Florida

Well said! Thank you!

Well said! Thank you!


Obama is the blame for govt. shutdown. with that being said it's the democrats fault they put him in office again. the republicans stood up and stopped him from pushing another one of his stupid laws down out throat without a vote. When its election time vote all of them out. lets start the impeachment process now and get rid of Obama.

Why cant Obummer just

Why cant Obummer just compromise on his anti-American policies?

Inept Congress

90% of you people have no clue who is the blame. Stop the blame game and the politics and think about those who are truly effected by these inept congress members! For the Country's sake, and WE THE PEOPLE who congress works for, make your voices heard and share your displeasure's to the congress members you voted for to do a job they fail to accomplish! Stand up an fight for your rights as an American and show congress that We The People are more powerful then those who work for us! Write or call your congressman/senator and give them something to think about..Let's be a part of the solution to end this crisis!


My representatives are doing exactly what I have asked them to do by voting them into office.....

Representing my opinion.

My opinion is and will remain all things Democrat are harmful to America and all things Democrat need to be repealed immediately.

Including shutting down the government to get the spending under control, which includes, the ACA.

Government Shutdown

The president's actions and policies continue to hurt the very people he purports to help. He is devoid of any
leadership qualities or skills. He repeatedly divides Americans against each other rather than embracing his role as leader of all citizens. His economic policies have made companies reluctant to expand or invest and as a result
jobs are difficult to find for the educated or the skilled blue collar workers. The country will be in a permanent
state of malaise until his term expires

Blame whomever you want but

Blame whomever you want but please remember...OBAMA started this fiasco!!! Yet he and his family wont be required to use 'obamacare'....the republicans are fighting back against what they don't believe in......This so called 'president' is not for americans at all. he is driving us deeper in debt and forcing us to swallow his ideas. I say fight it in whatever way necessary!


There is a simple two word answer to resolve this mess and future fiascos. TERM LIMITS!

My friend, term limits

My friend, term limits exist. All you have to do is get folks off their lazy rumps and go to the polls. Vote them out if they aren't doing the job.
That is how Obama got into office and now has a second term: people sat at home and watched the tube and griped while the country went down the tube.

Obama won a second term

Obama won a second term because "folks DID get off their lazy rumps and they went to the polls" just as you suggested they should do!!

2 Term


GOP blackmail

100% of shutdown is responsibility of worst US House of Representatives. GOP too afraid their votes will be used by more right wing opponents in next election. Boehnor refuses to put reasonable legislation up for a vote that will pass because his caucus is out of control.

Pay attention my friend

Pay attention my friend those nasty Republicans pasted a budget the Democrats in the Senate voted it down then turned around and refused to set a committee to work out a compromise.

Use your brains instead of drinking the media's kool-aid

Anyone with half a brain can see that it is the democrats in the Senate who are responsible for the shutdown. And it is mostly Harry Reid's fault. The republicans in the House have bent over backwards to open negotiations, but Reid and his minions refuse to discuss it.

Where is the Leadership?

During my years instructing senior executive leaders, I cannot recall one session/case study/discussion where name calling; fixing blame; lack of discussion were ever best practices!! I am appalled at the lack of leadership from all levels, including the President and White House spokespeoplel; the Senate and the House.

What happened to the leadership lessons about listening to learn the perspective of multiple parties and finding common ground? The lessons about finding more than one right solution?

As a USGov employee, if I were to demonstrate the leadership skills being demonstrated in Washington today, I would not have a job!! Wait, I guess I don't have a job as of today.....

Don't blame the

Don't blame the President...
Don't blame Boehner...
Don't blame the Republicans or the Democrats...
Don't blame the Media...
To blame any one of these people or groups would be wrong...
BLAME THEM ALL! and when the next election comes around,

And stop believing what you see on the news...I don't care which network, its all designed to make you believe what they want you to believe...EDUCATE YOURSELF WITH FACTS...NOT with what you are told to believe!

its time we start a civil

its time we start a civil war and throw the republicans out. republicans dont care for the working or the poor. civil war only way out, ,

And as a whole nation...

...there would be only 1 color of uniform in support of your idea.

not so Civil war of words

Dean bailey , that has to be the stupidest idea ever uttered first of all. WE republicans own firearms and most of us are proficient with them so you better sign up for Obama Care before you start because rhetoric will not stop a 125 grain hollow point.

You must be the most ignorant despicable person on the planet to want to physically attack a group of citizens because of their political affiliation you want one party rule move to Russia you numbskull.
See folks, This is what you get when the white house and the senate majority leaders call other Americans terrorist and anarchist because of an opposing political Ideology a call for civil war from a stupid idiot welfare recipient that does not understand what a war is and damn sure is not civil