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Would you use a mobile app or gadget to track your child?

Tracking Kids

LOJACK PARENTS? To the person who said that, you have apparently never woke up and found your child dead from suicide, murder or even kidnapped. Sometime knowing what your children are doing will help keep them safe. No one ever said to get in their back pocket. So before you get on here and make a STUPID comment like that you should walk in a parents shoes whose children or child has died or can be found because some psycho had taken them.

@ Smart Parent

Are you saying an app would keep your child from committing suicide, or being murdered? Statistically, what are the chances your child will be kidnapped? Probably the same or less than they always were, it's just we are all now infected with the 24/7 Nancy Grace news cycle...which beats everyone down and makes folks paranoid.

Heck, let's just wrap them in bubble wrap and keep them on a's just safer that way, right?

Maybe I struck a nerve? There's probably a pill for that.

Lojack Parents

I agree with Guest 7. Sheesh! No wonder kids are so screwed up today, talk about helicopter parents. The 72% who say yes are Lojack parents...the auto anti-theft device used to track vehicles.

By not ever allowing your kid to fail, you're certainly setting them up for failure. Congratulations! This says more about neurotic parenting than anything else. Our neighbor does this...and asked if we did, too. We always knew their were some parental control issues...this was the icing on the cake. She said, "don't tell me you wouldn't do it, too." We don't, and wouldn't. This woman's world will collapse when they leave the nest.

Colleges are having to start applying parent child anti-suction techniques.

cell phone apps

I think having a tracking app is a good thing in case it is needed, however, having an app to monitor a child's photos, texts,etc reflects a lackof trust. I am a parent and a 30 year counseling educator. IF it is necessary to have such things, there is little trust for the child's responsible nature. If he/she cannot be trusted to act responsibly, he/she does not need a cell phone. Schools have land lines and are pretty much available (with staff) to locate chidlren during the day. Most often, unless they are driving (and the trust issue comes into play there), they are riding with the parent or some other responsible adult. If trust isn't earned, it shouldn't be given. It teaches them to trust adults and it teaches responsibility.Just saying...


Trust but Verify.

Wilmington Observer