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VOTE 2010: Poll shows New Hanover voters back McIntyre; Pantano disagrees

READ MORE: Poll shows New Hanover voters back McIntyre; Pantano disagrees

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- With Election Day eight days away, the war of words among candidates continues to heat up, but many people have already made up their minds about who they want to lead southeastern North Carolina and what problems they want solved.

According to a recent poll, if the election were held today, about half of New Hanover County registered voters would choose incumbent Mike McIntyre over challenger Ilario Pantano to represent the 7th district in Congress.

"It's exciting," McIntyre said. "It shows momentum is building. People are interested. People are now starting to stop and compare and realize there is a great contrast between the two candidates."

The poll was conducted by the North Carolina Institute of Political Leadership, but not everyone agrees with it.

"We know that that poll is inaccurate," Pantano said.

Still, while 55 percent of New Hanover County registered voters surveyed said they describe themselves as conservative, 49 percent picked McIntyre, a Democrat, to return to Congress compared to just 37 percent for Republican Pantano.

"All registered voters aren't going to vote. There's a lot of people who are sitting on the couch who haven't been involved in the political process," Pantano said. "Of folks that are going to vote, we're absolutely in the lead, and the proof of that is Nancy Pelosi has spent over $200,000 in this district buying commercials on your network and others attacking me. They wouldn't be doing that if Congressman McIntyre was safe. He's not. The voters are tired of it."

People polled say the biggest issue facing the county is jobs. McIntyre says he's got the upper hand on how to get people back to work.

"I grew up here, and I know friends from high school, friends in my church, friends in my neighborhood who lost their jobs because of these trade deals," McIntyre said. "(Pantano) doesn't have an understanding of that."

But Pantano says he has his own plan of attack.

"We want to lower taxes," he said. "We want to reduce spending because the spending has gotten out of control and that will bring back certainty. That certainty will allow the private sector to start hiring."

In the meantime, the battle continues and is likely to flare all the way until November 2.

The poll also shows 39 percent of voters disapprove of the way the New Hanover County Commission is doing its job. That's the worst rating for commissioners in two years.

Voters also picked incumbent Richard Burr over Elaine Marshall for US Senate by 14 percentage points.

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A campaign slogan?

"Vote for me or I'll kill you."

Lie-fest 2010 Continues

Have you seen the newest anti-McIntyre commercial from the RNC? It starts off on 100% solid ground, accurately telling how Congress' continued looting of the Social Security Trust Fund constitutes a greater risk to social security recipients than anything else.

Then in a quick switch from fact to bovine droppings, it tries to blame McIntyre for the fact that 2011 will be the second year in a row with no COLA for social security recipients. Anyone with a brain knows that COLA is tied to the Consumer Price Index, and no increase in CPI equals no COLA. Trying to connect that to McIntyre is ridiculous.

I think we can already sense a trend here - regardless of who wins next Tuesday, the Democrat AND Republican Parties will continue to think that we are idiots who don't know the issues. It will be business as usual come January, with arrogant career politicians setting the agenda THEY want to set; the people be damned.

Unfortunately, many people

Unfortunately, many people are idiots who will base their votes on these types of sound bites, without bothering to find out if its true (especially if they already have strong partisan opinions). Then they'll repeat these "facts" to anyone who will listen. The ads will say whatever they have to to make their opponent look bad, without considering the truth at all. I wish I could say it was all one party, both they all do it.

whom did they survey

to come up with these numbers? The Mayors who were standing on the courthouse steps endorsing him?

Nobody's talking about the article...

The poll is bogus. It was funded by a leftist organization and is not scientific. The sample they took was registered voters - not likely voters. Plus, NC-7 consists of 10 counties. This poll only covers New Hanover - which is by far the most liberal of the 10. If McIntyre carries NHC - but loses the other 9; he;ll lose. This poll was designed and executed for the intent purpose of trying to shape public opinion - not reflect it. Now - somebody's bound to argue with that...

Sending a true CONSERVATIVE to Washington

First, Ilario Pantano is a fine American, a fine family man, a fine individual, a fine soldier, who served active combat duty in two tours.
When it comes to evaluating his military service, I will listen to the military itself, and other soldiers who have served active combat duty.

Second, I am sending a Representative to Congress to vote the conservative direction I want to travel and the direction I believe is best for my country. This is the matters the most to me. Ilario will do just that.

I want to send a true conservative to Congress who will VOTE conservative 100% of the time...not 10% of the time as does Representative McIntyre. The 'blue-dog game' is up in southeastern North Carolina.

Character first, then agenda

It is unanimous that if the election were about character, then Pantano doesn't have a chance. He boasts about his military record at the top of his home page and yet one can see his many character flaws by surfing the web regarding his military actions in Iraq. I am a conservative Republican and certainly do not agree with some of the votes McIntyre has cast in DC recently. Still, let's elect a representative for southeastern NC that we can be proud of- Washington has enough character flaws to add Pantano to the list.

Thanks for letting us know

Thanks for letting us know you are a "conservative republican". So how do you like your vote going to support Pelosi and Obama?

Seriously, no "conservative

Seriously, no "conservative Republican" would vote to send McPelosi back to DC.

Why Do Democrats Have to Cheat To Win????

"According to the latest filings from the Federal Election Commission, from 01/01/2009 to 10/13/2010, 90% of Pantano's contributions are coming from individuals.

Mike McIntyre, on the other hand, from 01/01/2009 to 10/13/2010, has raked in over $1 million, and well over half of it has come from various unions and Wall Street corporations.

Other than Nancy Pelosi and Barack Hussein Obama, who does Mike work for?"

Question: Why do the Democrats always have to cheat in elections to win? More and more reports of election "glitches' and fraud that favor the Democrats 100% of the time!

Why can't they win on their own ideas? SEIU can swing an election if it comes within a 4% margin. Guess who is McIntyre's BIGGEST CONTRIBUTOR for the 14 years he's been in office. SEIU.

Yeah, there's cheating going on. And it McIntyre has to cheat to win, he's a criminal that needs jailin'.

Polls can be wrong. I'll be

Polls can be wrong. I'll be voting November 2, and I'm not tipping my hand just yet.

I agree that something is

I agree that something is not right about Pantano. He is(was) a Marine, which I respect, as I was (am) one as well. However, straight from the battlefield (and questionable behavior) to public office with no time in between just seems too large a transition, too fast. McIntyre has won the respect and votes of many in Brunswick County by helping to bring Veteran's health care locally without the need to drive to Wilmington. That in itself won my vote. Sure, he has spent a lot of money, that's what ALL politicians do, but a lot of that has gone to local areas. If Pantano gets elected, I promise you he'll be on a spending spree as soon as he takes office, and all you clowns that vote for him will be taking turns kicking each others behind.


"Brunswick County by helping to bring Veteran's health care locally without the need to drive to Wilmington" NO..he hasn't..

In all due respect, you

In all due respect, you might want to become a little better informed. He might not have single-handedly brought VA care to Brunswick County, but he has had a role in it.


My comment stands then...

Your Not A Marine

If you are a Marine, you should be giving support to Pantano. He is 1 of those Marine that you could say he had your back if your were in trouble.We need someone to be on the front line instead being a waterboy.I Pantano goes on a spending spree an brings back jobs to our state and county so you can quit drawing unemployment.So stand up for your country don't be a coward put your cigar down Mr. Clinton which had other things on his mind instead of us the people and vote for Pantano. McIntyre would like to be a Republican but would have to get out and work to get his friends to support him.The old Democrats that fund this town are the ones that control McIntyre same goes for New Hanover County Sheriff which had to switch partys to become Sheriff and get the backing of the Democrats money. Ed was a Republican. WRONG,


"If you are a Marine, you should be giving support to Pantano."

Isn't that like voting for a black candidate based solely on the fact that you are black?

Hate to tell you this but just because someone was in the same club as you does NOT make them decent people.

"Isn't that like voting for

"Isn't that like voting for a black candidate solely because you are black" What does the last presidential election have to do with this?

I am not so sure I would

I am not so sure I would want Pantano behind me.

doesnt anyone gt it

as a technologist i look for answers without bias.. Pantano is winning in hid head from bs self inflicted numbers through social mediua he places in his own head...

It's very ironic that

It's very ironic that Pantano says Pelosi has spent $200,000 in this District to support McIntyre when the Republican National Committee has spent so much more pushing their agenda through Pantano's candidacy.

Strange....disagree with

Strange....disagree with WWAY 3 and their posters and they discriminate and will not post a reply or differing point of view. So much for "integrity" of the news media.

Pantano is a man that cares

Pantano is a man that cares about this country enough to put his own life on hold and for it by putting himself in harms way to fight for our freedoms. He is a true conservative who is being supported by other true conservatives who believe that the fundamentals of our country are being dismantled by the liberal regime that has total control of our national politics. He is running in this race because he is tired of us being represented by a candidate who tells us that he reflects our values but votes for those who reputiate them, namely Nancy Pelosi and her liberal cohorts. Due to his party affiliation, Mike McIntyre has managed to either vote for the agenda of his party, or when he is not needed, to sit silently and not vote. He was elected to be our "representative." When he doesn't vote, then we are not represented at all. Pantano has been in the Wilmington area long enough to know our morals and values. He understands our work ethic and character, and he reflects all of it.

Tried by jury

You people believe and remember what you think is right. He was tried by jury and found Not Guilty, but I guess you don't remember that. Ted Kennedy spend a great numbers of years in Congress after he left that girl to die in his car. However, he was a Democrate and I guess that was OK.

Pantano Military Record

He shot two unarmed Iraqis 20 times. Changed clips and then fired 20 more. Said he wanted to send a message to the iraqis. This is undisputed fact. This is not serving honorably. Moreover, McIntyre is one of the most conservative democrats in congress. Pantano is having his ticket punched by the national republican Party. You think hes going to be an independent thinker when he gets to washington? He will be Boehner's boy.

Dead is dead...why would it

even matter how many bullets he pumped into their heads. I have no problem with this, if he had done this but I don't beleive it went they way you guys like to twist it. I truly believe the only way to win a war is stack the bodies high as possible. Fear of us from our enemies would be half the fight won.

VOTE PANTANO!! Our liberties are at stake!


I would have reloaded my clips, then stuck a grenade in their mouths! Unarmed my rear end! We aren't there to play paddy cake!

The investigation found out

The investigation found out after the fact that the enemy was unarmed. It is a bit too late to wait until one finds out if the enemy is unarmed before firing. I admire Pantano for doing what soldiers do: Kill the enemy!! Personally, I thank him for shooting to kill. Soldiers don't have time to search the enemy before determining that they are unarmed. Shoot first! Then you can go home alive.

This has been blown so out of proportion. No soldier or marine takes the time to search the enemy to determine of he is a danger unless they have a white flag of surrender. When I was in the military, I was taught to protect myself by firing my weapon at the enemy. I didn't have time to determine if the enemy was armed or not. That is what was is about. Kill the enemy unless he is surrendering. The white flag has been the sign of surrender since Roman days. Otherwise, have at it.

We need to let this dead dog lye. He did his job. He was exonerated. What is your problem? Marines shoot to kill. That is what they are trained to do.

OJ was exonerated too!!!

OJ was exonerated too!!!

No... they knew they were

No... they knew they were unarmed before. They had searched them before he murdered them and they had no weapons.

I wish the RNC would have gotten use a respectable candidate. He has too many character flaws.