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Pooch Paints at Children's Museum

READ MORE: Pooch Paints at Children's Museum
Local canine celebrity Netop, the painting pooch made an appearance at the Wilmington Children's Museum Saturday. He did demonstrations and even let some children help him paint his latest masterpiece. Four year old Emma Stults was thrilled by the opportunity to work with him. "Netop is a good dog!" Emma said excitedly. "He's a very good dog." Netop has composed over 200 pictures and helped raise money for numerous causes. At the Children's Museum Saturday he helped raise money for pet oxygen masks. "Just plainly amazing," said 11-year-old museum volunteer Jacob Smith about Netop's paintings. "A must-have in your hallway." Adopted from a shelter when he was a pup, Netop composed his first painting almost two years ago. His owner Jacqueline Karch (who is also an artist) says Netop is a natural. "He just picked it up almost instantly," said Karch. "He's so spontaneous, he's not inhibited at all, he just kinda goes for it. He's really very, very talented and he's not afraid to make a brush stroke. I think he can compete with the human population." "I would say he's an abstract expressionist," Karch added. Some of Netop's pieces sell for as much as $150. "It's how he relates to things," said Jacob Smith. "They don't look like things but you can easily relate to them." The pet oxygen masks Netop raised money for are used to prevent animals from suffering from smoke inhalation in case of a fire. They can be used on dogs, cats, and even birds.

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your kidding right?

I love how some people make money with animals that paint. Have we not seen the elephant, monkeys and now a dog. Just a way this lady makes money. I have a dogs and 5 cats, think I'm gonna stop at dollar general and get some poster board and paint I should be rich in no time! And, these mask's, where exactly do you purchase one of those? how much (if they are even avalible)?

Netop's Fundraiser

100% of the profits from the sale of my paintings at The Fundraiser held at the Children's Museum of Wilmington,NC on Saturday November 10,2007, went to purchase the pet-oxygen masks.

i know 'this lady'

i know 'this lady' personnally and she does not keep a penny of what the dog makes - it all goes to whatever humane society she is doing the fund raiser for and to cover expenses

Pet-Oxygen Masks

You can buy the masks through H.E.L.P. Animals Inc. They are made by SurgiVet. Non Profit orgazations can buy them for $55. a set. For Profit organizations can purchase them for $75. There use has saved many pets.

She isn't trying to make money!

i helped with this project and i think it's admirable that she's selling the paintings to raise money for the masks, and NOT herself! if you're interested in learning about the masks, go to this is the organization doing this work, and how Ms. Karch learned about the masks. they will be presented to the fire departments on December 12 at noon at the museum - you're welcome to attend!

Reply to Guest555

Last year, Netop and his caretaker, Ms. Karch, co-hosted a fundraiser for the SPCA of the Triad that helped raise several thousand dollars to assist with the care and placement of abandoned pets--animals that might have otherwise been destroyed in a county shelter for lack of space. I personally oversaw the accounting for this fundraiser, and I assure you that Ms. Karch receives a very modest stipend in return for her considerable investment of time, materials and travel. (It's not even a living wage.) We delighted in Netop's visit to Greensboro. Not only did he help raise much needed funds, he also raised awareness of the plight of thousands of healthy, adoptable animals who suffer and perish each year on roadsides and in county shelters. Both he and Ms. Karch have made real contributions to animal welfare. They have my wholehearted endorsement for their work. Sincerely, Jenny Edwards, Executive Director SPCA of the Triad