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VOTE 2010: Pope upsets Gore in DA race


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- With all three counties reporting, Butch Pope has pulled off perhaps the biggest upset of the night by beating Rex Gore for the Democratic nomination for District Attorney in the 13th Judicial District.

Gore has served as DA in the district, which serves Bladen, Brunswick and Columbus Counties, since 1991.

The race wound up not being a close one. Pope received 10,199 votes to Gore's 7,990.

Pope, a Whiteville attorney, now faces Republican Jon David, an assistant DA in New Hanover County, in the general election in November.

On Tuesday's 11pm newscast Butch Pope told WWAY "Many people told us that we couldn't win and we couldn't beat the machine ( Rex Gore ) and that I'd never run for political office and that I didn't know what I was getting into. People even told me my green signs wouldn't work, that I needed to go red, white and blue signs. Well it looks to me that my green signs are working. My family has been behind me. Bladen, Columbus and Brunswick have been behind me. It's been a lot of fun."

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Rex Gore-Linda Lou Campbell AL MOM to Carla Lea Painter Bussard

Rex Gore my Christian Friend GOD has a plan for you. I will come to see you and we can go over the cold blooded murder of my child 2-shot in the head by Martha Farmer in Brunswick County NC on Sep 5, 2006 at 1 AM in the morning before you leave the office of DA. I still believe you should have won and Thanks for always being there for me during the PLEA and the many years since. I have 3 months to be a 5 year Breast Cancer Survivor. I Love you Rex and all your family and GOD loves you more. I am here for you and keep me in your prayers. Keep your Faith. Martha confessed and got a plea of 2nd degree murder and 1st degree kidnapping and is in Women's Prison NC. Carla Lea's 3 children Aerial, Josh and Joey are thankful to DA Rex Gore for an outstanding decision. We still have no closure but it will come in time.

Jon David

Jon is a seasoned prosecutor and will serve this district with honesty and integrity. I would be careful of a man who has been a defense attorney for as long as Mr. Pope has been.

Remember in November,,, out with the old and in with the new.

Good luck Jon.....

This District will benefit greatly by electing you as there DA


While we did not succeed in cleaning up the Sheriffs Department, at least a win in the DA's office will help bring some much needed change. I look forward to supporting Jon David in the November general election.

DA Where?

Maybe I missed something but I thought Jon David (R) is Asst DA in New Hanover, along with his brother Ben David (D) District Attorney.

didn't miss it

Jon David is an ADA in NH County. But, he will run in November for DA in District 13 against newly elected candidate Butch Pope. David ran for the same office 4 years ago against Gore, who was defeated by Pope, and lost.

Barney's Next

Now that DA Gore is gone. Let's focus on finding a competent Sheriff for Columbus Co. Sheriff Chris "Barney Fife" Batten is a joke!

Sheriff Chris Batten

Obviously you are on the wrong side of the law if you are suggesting that Sheriff Batten should be removed. I have had numerous experiences with Sheriff Batten in terms of community awareness, involvement with the youth, etc. and I can tell you that he is a man of integrity, compassion and is above compromise of the law.

You apparently resent the fact that he doesn't parade himself in front of the media, that he doesn't reveal all facts of pending cases, and will not conduct himself in a manner that would shed negative light upon himself, his family and the oath to uphold the law.

Before you make such a statement,you should spend time with families that have lost a loved one through accident or acts of violence. As he has had to break the tragic news to these families, you can feel that he is hurting also.Having been through such a trauma, I can tell you that Sheriff Batten is a role model for all law enforcement.


Well guess what you have this sheriff for the next four years, so he must be doing a good job to most of the people in Columbus County. You must be someone that has had to be in front of a judge because of this sheriff, so if you feel like he isnt doing his job then why dont you drop your name in the pot in four more years. 3 elections unopposed, he is doing his job. Lets face it he is the best sheriff we have had in a long time.

I will say this, I went to

I will say this, I went to Sheriff Batten a few years back when I applied for a job and told him that his Patrol Captain told me that I couldn't work for the Department because of the Community that I came from. I served my country as a Military Police Officer, have never been in any trouble. He just laughed at me and nothing was done to this Captain. Its time for a new Sheriff, maybe next election.

We here in Brunswick County

We here in Brunswick County need to do a thorough house cleaning in our Sheriff's dept. starting with the Sheriff. While I was exceedingly happy that the deputies got rid of Hewett, remember that when you cut with a double edge sword (the deputies) it cuts both ways.

sheriffs dept.

I thought when Mr. Ronald Hewett was sacked by his deputies,why weren't they charge with a crime of withholding information or obstructing justice.The crimes that Mr.Hewett did should have been reported at the time they were done and not later down the road,but oh i remember "the deputies were in fear of losing their jobs".Well it seems to me "the deputies would have been in fear of their job" later on in time of when they signed the affidavits.

So what is so bad about the current sheriff's dept?

So tell me what you think is wrong with the current Sheriff's Department? You give nothing to indicate why a "house cleaning" is necessary. Clearly the voters didn't agree with you since Ingram won the primary by a considerable margin.

Every Dog has his day!!!

All I can say is it's about time. What goes around comes around. He did people bad stabbed them in the back and now well he is FINALLY out of there. The Lord answered my prayers. I do wish him luck with whatever he decides to do.......just glad he is no longer going to be DA! SNAKE IN THE GRASS!!!! It just wasn't time for the other Good Ole Boy to get his due but, trust me he will get his payback. I wish all the ones luck that made it to the next level. SO LET'S GO POPE!!!!!! Finally we will have a DA that looks out for everyone not just who they choose to! Good Luck Rex Gore your time is up.

Rex Gore DA Linda Lou Campbell AL

Rex Gore DA always looked out for everyone. He is always there for me being a victim of HOMICIDE of my child Carla Lea Painter Bussard who was murdered in Brunswick County NC by Martha Farmer who confessed to shooting Carla Lea 2 times in the head and missed 1 time on 9-5-2006 at 1 AM. Carla was separated from her husband Wallace Eugene Bussard (fire fighter) and worked part time with Ameri-tec and lived in Wilmington. Martha got a Plea for 2nd degree murder (16 yrs) and 1st degree kidnapping (6 yrs) 6-12-2007 and is in the NC Womens Prison. Carla Lea has 3 children and Martha has 3 children and DA Rex Gore had to think hard and a very long time to give Martha this Plea. This murder caused my child Carla Lea age 36 a resident of NC for 12 yrs to have an autopsy and there will be pain and more pain forever for the Painter, Bussard, Campbell, Farmer families and friends in the states of NC, SC, AL, TN, FL, OH, VA and cousins in many more states. I am Linda Lou Campbell from Huntsville, AL MOM to Carla Lea and I have respect and care for my Christian friend DA Rex Gore for the decision he had to make. I am proud of Rex Gore and he is a very important man who has served and dedicated his life to work in public office for the people in NC and had to make decisions in a no win situation when it comes to murder for people like me and my identical twin sister Glenda Sue Campbell Goedde and hundreds of friends of these 6 children for the rest of their lives. I gave DA Rex Gore a hard time and I am still calling and emailing and trying to help my 3 grandchildren who lost their Mother in NC get closure to this crime. I want us all to unite and respect Rex Gore even if he lost this time. GOD has a plan for my dear friend and I believe we all will get closure one day at a time. GO REX GO you can do anything you want to after Jan 2011 when you leave the DA job. GOD BLESS all. I will be making my 15th trip to NC before you leave to ask more questions and get answers from only you. Thank you for being there for me for all these years you never said NO. I will WIN 5-Year Breast Cancer at the end of July (Pink Ribbon) because of you. I only have love and faith when I lost my baby girl Carla Lea for all the families that hurt over this HOMICIDE. I am not alone and I am greatful for the friends I have in Leland, Wilmington, Bolivia, and Shallotte and others who knew my child during her last 12 yrs and worked on her murder day and night to get the person who did this. I want to say the Governor and all civilians and policeman and fire fighters at Sunny Point should be honored to live in the state of North Carolina and have had Rex Gore working in his job as DA for 5 terms (20 years).

Fantastic news! I hope

Fantastic news! I hope whoever is the ultimate winner will reopen the Davina Jones case that was swept under the rug.

Yes, and quickly I hope

The Davina Jones case needs to be handled PROPERLY once and for all. This young officer was murdered, her murder was covered up and we here in Brunswick County have been waiting a long time for justice in this case. We deserve it and hopefully now we will get it. I voted against Rex Gore for many, many reasons but the Davina Jones case is the main reason. We simply cannot allow this type of injustice to continue.

We need Jon David

Congrats to Butch for his achievement in knocking off Rex Gore, but having a criminal defense attorney running the DA's office is a dangerous thing. Every criminal defense attorney in Whiteville is salivating at the opportunity to have one of their buddies on the other side. We need a man like Jon David who has been a prosecutor since the day he graduated from law school. We need someone who is PASSIONATE about putting rapist, murderers and thieves in jail, not someone who has been defending them for 26 years.

There is a reason why the

There is a reason why the law enforcement is so supportive of Mr. Pope. He has learned a lot about offense over the 26 years of practicing defense. Forget not it is the jury that determines the out-come of the case, not the lawyer. While Mr. David has been working for his brother in Wilmington, out of our district, Mr. Pope has built a sucessful private practice representing abused and negelected children and
earning the respect of the community and law officers. What we do not need is two brothers with control over five counties! VOTE POPE!

Butch Pope

Having Jon David as DA over here will be just as bad as having his brother in New Hanover County. Butch Pope will probably the only person running on a democratic ticket that will have my full support. There is nothing wrong with him having been a defense attorney. The most important thing is that he knows the law and follows the law. As for the kind of people he represents, every American citizen is entitled to representation.

David..I hope not

Electing Mr. David would be a terrible mistake for this district. Mr. Pope is experienced, ethical and very well qualified. Good luck Butch, you have my vote.


OOPS....meant Jon David. :-)

I agree completely

I to am thrilled to be rid of Rex Gore; but with Butch Pope I feel we will still have good ole boy justice, just perhaps of a different kind.

Ben David is definitely qualified for the job, his heart is in it and he will bring some much needed CLASS and RESPECT to the job.

Best news in a long time!!

Best news in a long time!! Congratulations Butch!!

Congratulations Columbus County!!!

The people have spoken, it is time for a change. Congratulations to Butch Pope!!!!!!! I look forward to seeing what you have in store for our County!!!!

It's about time

GREAT news!!

well, well ,well this is

well, well ,well this is something that surprised me in a good way. Lets see what happens now.

I can tell you what will

I can tell you what will happen...he will be "chosen" to set as a judge somewhere, somehow. Wait and see. Then we'll still be in the same ole mess.


Judge - probably ... but NOT if somebody with GUTS and INTEGRITY gets in office and reviews his work over 20 years. There is enough there to stop any judgeship and produce jail time.

One of 2 things could happen

Uncle RC will use his final days in office to get the appointment. With his position on the Senate Finance Commitee, he'll get whatever he wants as they battle a climbing deficit.

Or, Mr. Gore will join RC's law firm.

Thank God

Thank God for small favors!!!