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Port City holds Brewgrass Festival

READ MORE: Port City holds Brewgrass Festival
The 3rd Annual Downtown Wilmington Brewgrass Festival took place on Saturday. For $ 35, beer lovers were able to sample unlimited beer from 12 different breweries. "Wilmington people love live music and they love events that involve beer… and if you give them those they will come, and every time we have an event like this it's a success,” said Katie Lucas of the Downtown Wilmington Business Alliance. The attendees not only got to sample many different brews, they were also treated to some live music as four bands performed. For a reduced price, Brewfest offered a designated driver ticket as well, or you could call it a music only ticket.

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It is a shame I missed

It is a shame I missed this!! I will be sure to keep an eye out for it next year :)


Since this is an open area where this was done, were the people carded to make sure they were not underage! And, if these people are drinking and get in a vehicle to drive, they are DUI! If one gets in an accident and hurts or kills someone, can the organization get sued? Just asking!


debbie downer.... stick in the mud...


It may have been held outdoors, but so is the Downtown at Sundown event held Friday evenings in the summer. Part of Water Street is blocked off, and tickets are sold for "adult beverages." Just the same way someone would be asked for proof of age at a store or a bar, they are asked there as well. I don't think there were just kegs of beer out in the streets for anyone to help themselves to. It is up to the person selling alcohol to first verify that the person is 21 or older, and then verify that they are not already intoxicated.

Please tell me you are not that STUPID!!

That has got to be the most stupid question I have read on here. Of course you are carded in an event like this. These people make there living at these breweries, do you honestly think they would risk the fines that would go along with serving underage people? Not to mention I'm sure ALE officers were there undercover.


No, I am not that "stupid" as you put it, but you are extremely rude!!! I asked a simple question, considering the footage that was shown on the news, and how young some of the participants looked!

Brewgrass Fest

Disgusting. As if young adults need any more incentive to drink beer. Downtown Wilmington is made up mostly of bars that have crowded out more diverse and inviting retail. This is why the few Downtown businesses--clothing and antique stores, etc. are having such a hard go of it. Downtown Wilmington offers very little appeal to shoppers. I never go there any more. When I want to shop or stroll about, I head to Mayfaire. Why would anyone want to walk the sotty streets of Downtown Wilmington, which are lined with dirty windows of smelly, funky bars? Why, indeed?


You definately have not ben downtown on the weekend days recently. There are hundreds of people downtown shopping and eating all day from the farmers market in the morning to dinner at night. I agree about the businesses though. The Antique and second hand clothes stores are not drawing any real shoppers. I think it would be great to get some well known stores to open up downtown to draw all those college dollars.

"...Downtown Wilmington is

"...Downtown Wilmington is made up mostly of bars that have crowded out more diverse and inviting retail..." And here I thought it was the results of poor decisions by city leaders, parking meters, and constant construction that has made downtown unattractive and driven out retail...

Calm Down Brewgrass

Wow, you sound like you need a beer.

You're just mad....

You're just you missed out on the fun like I did. I wish I would have heard about this before the event.

Those girls look like they

Those girls look like they had a great time!