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Port City Java says "bienvenido" to new customers

READ MORE: Port City Java says "bienvenido" to new customers

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- It's a growing consumer market that many national chains are trying to capture. Now one Wilmington-based company is working to court Latino customers.

You can go into any large chain store and see products both in English and Spanish as companies all over take advantage of a large Spanish-speaking population, including Port City Java.

The Wilmington-based coffee chain now offers a Spanish menu for anyone who may have trouble ordering from its English menu. The pamphlet-like menu lists descriptions in Spanish while leaving the name of the item in English, that way Port City Java employees who don't know Spanish can still place a customer's order.

CEO Steve Schnitzler says the company could no longer avoid this market, who are frequent coffee drinkers.

"It's not about doing everything in one language or another, it's about making people feel comfortable and relaxed; having a good comfortable experience in our stores," Schnitzler said.

According to the Census Bureau North Carolina has one of the fastest growing Latino populations in the country. Port City Java hopes its Spanish menus will bring in those new faces that may have been intimidated before.

Along with the new menus PCJ plans to add a few new pastries to its menu, Like churros. It hopes the new items will appeal to the Latino population and give current customers something new and delicious.

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All these folks that think

All these folks that think what PCJ is doing is a good idea(basically prostituting themselves to criminals for the almighty dollar)and speak in favor of these criminals, are a lot of the problem. The day will come when you will wish you had looked at things differently.

What the Article is About

is NOT the legal/illegal immigration problem. It is about a company doing its best to capture new business, just like any other business, in this tough economy. Let's keep that in mind - I know everyone has an opinion (some passionately) but let's not allow ourselves to "knee jerk" emotionally on national problems - that's EXACTLY what the politicians are banking on. It's the ol' "Let's you & him fight over [insert subject matter]," that way nothing ever gets resolved. WISE UP!

Interesting....when I went

Interesting....when I went to Germany and France I can't remember their menus catering to other languages. Go USA (rolling eyes)

Yes, I too am an immigrant

Yes, I too am an immigrant but I speak French. Why all the catering to the Spanish speakers?


Wow, check out the hate mongers coming out of the wood work...

Not that big of a deal to me. Pretty sure this country was founded on immigrants. Most major cities have large spanish speaking populations and both English AND Spanish are accepted.

I guess "southern hospitality" is just an oxymoron.

Quite a shame really. Already a decade into the 21st century and we still can't get along.

Maybe if we focused on ridding the country of malcontents, some real accomplishments can be made and not steps backward.

Negativety breads negativety

You better get a clue. There

You better get a clue. There is a revolution coming and again it is the North against the South. As in South of the Border. We will remember sympathizers of the invaders such as yourself.

You forgot a KEY word......

This country was founded on "LEGAL" immigrants that followed the rules to become a LEGAL US citizen. That means they contribute to the income taxes, medicare taxes, property taxes, they pay for their healthcare and their educations and don't farm babies at the expense of the American citizens.

Is it pure sublime ignorance that makes you interpret the public's disdain for illegal aliens to steal from our country as "hate"??

LEGAL immigrants are a large part of our foundation, illegal immigrants are quickly leading to this country's weakening and subsequent failure!

Go check your history book...

Im sorry but I dont remember anyone coming from the old country was legal..there were no papers issue to people when getting off the boats..I sincerely doubt that Immigration services were waiting with papers to sign?? I as an african american sure dont remember that part in history where even slaves were given papers and made citizens of this country but yet this country was built by the hard work of slaves on plantations..I guess I must have been absent from class when they taught that 'PIECE' of history..

Why does this have to be

Why does this have to be about legal or illegal immigrants. The store has a spanish menu. Do you expect them to decline to serve spanish speaking people, or ask to see a passport or green card? They are a business who is struggling because these days, there are fewer people who want to buy a $5 cup of coffee. They're selling coffee for God's sake, not giving them free health care or free anything. And they are also collecting sales tax from the customers, brings tax revenues to the County.

Adios Amigo! Port City Java

Adios Amigo! Port City Java will not get my business. I boycott any corporation that enables these non-English speaking members of our society.

You may as well stay home

You may as well stay home then. Latinos are a part of our culture now, like it or not. They are here to stay, and any sane business owner welcomes new customers, regardless of their ethnicity or what language they speak. Their dollars do the talking for them.

In this economic climate, business need to find a way to bring in more revenues. If that entails reaching out to foreigeners, so be it.

Countless businesses have signs/menus/instructions in various languages. The bigger the city, the more languages show up in these places. Wilmington is no longer a quaint little southern with few outsiders. Now there are many more cultures for you arrogant people (mostly white Republicans) to hate. Besides, it's no longer socially acceptable to hate black people, so you just love having a group that is PC to spew your hatred on.


You never would have noticed this new menu if it wasn't in the news.

Guess you avoid hospitals since they have bilingual signs too.

Don't get public services

Don't get public services confused with catoring for profit. How much money do you think our governemnt waste to have bi-lingual services and publications? English is the official language of the United States. I have traveled all over the world and most places are in the language of the country unless it is a tourist destination.


You actually think English is the official language of the US? Check your facts dimwit...there is no official language.

When you say, well you

When you say, well you probably don't, but when one recites the Pledge of Allegiance or sings the National Anthem, it is in English. When I go through customs to return to the United States the agent speaks English. All my life, until the mid-nineties, everything was in English. Because I live in the United States and the citizens speak English.

When I get instructions for my new DVD player and they are in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian, I have no problem with that. But when I go through a McDonald's drive-thru in Wilmington and the menu is in Spanish, I have a problem with that. As any true-blood American would.

If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

Yeah, great idea. Instead

Yeah, great idea. Instead of encouraging them to learn English, PCJ is catering to them in their language. Anything for a buck.

Port City Java Mexican Menu

I wish them well in their endeavor to attract more Mexican customers. But personally, if I want Mexican food, there are numerous good restaurants in the area already providing a variety of dishes.

Great Idea

This is a great idea and great business sense. I travel internationally quite a bit and I always appreciate it when English is included alongside other languages when I travel

Well then, the next time you travel internationally.....

...why don't you just STAY there? You must be lacking the intutive sense that God gave the clucking chicken!

This is not a great idea. This idea is to accommodate an exploding illegal hispanic population, not to accommodate "international travelers". You know...the ones that don't pay taxes, medicare, health costs, social security or education costs? That's right the same ones with the $50,000 trucks, 300 dollar cell phones and 5 dollar cups of coffee.

When it comes to the almighty dollar, a business will do anything to make one....


What lovely hate speech you have. How about YOU leave and find some nice little island where you can live by yourself so no one will ever bother your or make you do anything you don't want to do. I know you must be using your anger to compensate for your own stupidity and lack of language skills. Apparently learning another language would...what? Make you liberal? It's not just immigrants or illegal immigrants that are here you know...there are also thousands upon thousands of legal visitors and immigrants and making them feel welcome to visit our wonderful country shouldn't be this big of an issue! How exactly does it hurt you in the LEAST little bit for a company to have a dual language menu? Please do tell! You are the exact reason that half the world hates this country and the arrogance of people such as yourself. Most children in other countries learn several languages and learn to respect others and their cultures by doing so. Your idiocy and racist views apparently don't allow for intelligence. Sucer le secoue!

You bitches sit at home

You bit**es sit at home while someone takes care of you and have the nerve to preach. You get out there in the construction field and try to compete with illegals who are lowering your wages. People who refuse to learn English and can't communicate on the jobsite. When your ol man's job goes to Mexico and you're selling your ass on the street to make it, you'll change your tune.

Well said!! People tend to

Well said!! People tend to forget that most of our ancestors were once "legal immigrants" - this is a new age. Ignorance breeds intolerance


The amount of hate and intolerance I read in these comments is scary. It doesn't even matter what the article is about, there is guarenteed to be many angry, racist and hate filled comments following it. Is your life so trouble free and empty that PCJ's decision to have a bilingual menu is an all consuming priority? Does their menu making decisions make the world under your feet seem less stable? It's laughable. Go ahead and buy your coffee somewhere else. I'm sure the company will survive and those of us who go there regularly will be able to enjoy our coffee in a much less angry, less intolerent and more friendly enviroment.

So what is it that you want?

It is easy to tell that reading comprehension skills by some readers and posters here are at a very minimum. Education is important, some missed out and it is evident

I do not convey hate or racism in any form or against any people. I don't see hate or racism conveyed by anyone making comments on this subject. You are falsly interpreting the disdain for thieves as racist or hate. That is YOUR problem. This is America and we have illegal aliens invading it, sucking money out of it through the Social Security system, health care and by NOT paying they contriutory fair share as I have done for over 30 years. That isn't racist and it isn't hateful. What they are doing is criminal and I have to pay for it. THAT IS WRONG!

So what is it that you want to make it "fair"? Would you prefer that the US government issue every illegal alien a brand new cadillac, a 4 year degree, an endless free health care card, 50 get out of jail free passes and fourteen free birthing sessions at your local county hospital with complimentary 5 night stays???

Why is the issue of people not obeying federal law while entering this country considered racist or hateful? It isn''s called BREAKING THE LAW!!!

For one thing...

Shouldn't you have placed a period after the word "evident"? Secondly, if there weren't companies and people hiring them for jobs that most Americans do not want and paying them well below minimum wage would it even be an issue? The sanctamonious ranting is getting old and your anger is misdirected.

How are they stealing money

How are they stealing money from social security? Illegal immigrants aren't eligible to receive social security.

Nice attack!!!

My post has nothing to do with hate and your accusation of such displays that you have a serious reading comprehension problem. I said, "If you want to be an American, then come here legally and observe our laws." Now how can that be interpreted as hateful? I lack language skills in Spanish, French, Russian, Hungarian and many, many others. It is because I am an American and WE speak English here! My English is superb and I use it daily. I may have to press "1" first, but I use it!

Also, Ms Sophisticated world traveler, did you notice while on one of your many voyages that most of the countries you refer to are no larger that the State of Connecticut and for them to be able to speak to their neighboring countries (that are ALSO the size of Connecticut), they HAVE to be multi-lingual? Europe is the perfect example. It isn't culture, it's called neccessity. Open your eyes and listen on your next world tour.

I respect many other cultures, but the first attribute required to gain that respect from me is INTEGRITY. Sneaking into our country and taking advantage of my fellow Americans tax money doesn't fall into that category.
That is what we commonly refer to as THEIVES.

Please make sure your foot is well clear of the stirrup as you dis-mount from that high horse, otherwise you are subject to being dragged some distance on your back.


THAT is a matter of opinion. I find your post very much hateful and quite intolerant. You apparently automatically assume someone who doesn't speak English is an illegal alien.

Oh and by the way...not all Americans speak English. My grandparents were legal Citizens and spoke fluent Italian as their first language...

My statements are FACTS, yours is an opinion...

...and it seems quite clear that you are right along with the illegals taking every free entitlement you can get your hands on. Otherwise you wouldn't be so defensive of those that take from Americas people without contribution.

I have worked very hard and paid dearly to get my education, pay my taxes, pay my social security (which I likely will never get to use), pay my medicare, pay and maintain my health insurance and be a contributing citizen of this country. This was the way I was raised, you evidently had a different method. This is a great country we live in and I'm here to tell you one GREAT BIG fact of life right here:

My father and my Grandfather did not die in vain so that you can leave the country you were born in to come over here and disrespect OURS!

THAT applys to all of you that want to accuse me of being "racist" and "hateful". We call this being an American and standing up for what is right and wrong. Entering this country illegally by anyone and sucking down the entitlements without working for them or paying YOUR fair share is plain out WRONG!

And if you don't like my point of view, TOUGH...

Step away from the liquor cabinet and go take some BC

Your comments are so ridiculous and have no fact finding in them at all..What entitlement is anyone owe in this great country of ours? If we are owed something, please let the homeless, unemployed, struggling families know? Im sure they are not living out in the street or going without a meal just for the sake of being destitute. Maybe you forgot about the how this great country of ours was founded? by the blood and sweat of immigrants. You have obviously been hitting the juice too hard..stop cleaning the shot gun on the front porch with your moonshine and take a walk to ease your insanity..LOL..