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Port City Taxi driver missing

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WILMINGTON -- Port City Taxi driver Theresa Houck was reported missing just before 6:30 p.m. Friday. She never showed up to return her cab when her shift ended Friday afternoon. Houck was driving a marked 2001 dark blue Chevy Impala with license plate TA2829. She's described as a 50 year-old white female, 5'4", with brown hair and brown eyes. Anyone with information is asked to call Wilmington Police at 343-3600.

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Cab drivers

Cab drivers and Convenience store put in long hours for little pay. Then, some low life scumbag comes along and blows them away for a few bucks. Maybe it's time to put some decoys out. Put a couple of these jerks in the grave. Then it would be less popular to steal.

Maybe this person just

Maybe this person just wanted to get away for a little while?


The person that messes with cabby's should go to jail for a long time. We work our butts off trying to help people. we make little money. every thing that is brought in goes to the main office we just get a small % of what we bring in. If we dont get tips , we dont servive on what we take in.Please think before you mess with a cabby. please...its all im hearing lately. cabby shot, robed, raped, killed. its got to stop.or you all will be walking.....

Ummm, yeah...she was found.

Ummm, yeah...she was found later that same night. Oh, and in case you didn't know...the only person that messed with her was HERSELF. When she was located, it was noted that she was under the influence of both alcohol and "medications." So...what have we learned from this adventure? 1) If you want to spice up your life with beverage and pills, don't steal your employer's vehicle to do so. 2) If you REALLY want to take yourself to that big taxi cab in the sky, don't create a situation that will have everyone looking for you. It'll be much easier to do the job and finish yourself off if you don't have those pesky police officers trying to stop you and those annoying medics transporting you to the hospital. 3) If you decide to off yourself, do NOT turn yourself into a loaded weapon (e.g., booze and pill induced cab driver behind the wheel of a stolen cab) and aim it at all the citizens of this county. You do NOT have the right to take out anyone other than yourself. 4) I hear there's a job opening at a local cab company. Apply within! And before all you heart bleeders start in on your ridiculous exclamations of "Oh, it was a cry for help, so don't be hard on her," let me just stop you right now. This was NOT a cry for help. This was selfish stupidity. She was either too stupid to get the job done correctly, OR she was too cowardly to check herself into rehab for help. Useless and idiotic.

She's been found.

She's been found.