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Porters Neck residents face water fee hike as CFPUA takes over

READ MORE: Porters Neck residents face water fee hike as CFPUA takes over

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- For the past two years, the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority has been building its customer base in Wilmington and New Hanover County. Later this week, Porters Neck residents will become part of the Utility Authority's network, but the switch will cost residents up to 500 percent more.

The Porters Neck area in northern New Hanover County currently gets water from a private company for $1.25/thousand gallons. Starting this week the rate will increase to $4.50/thousand gallons. Many residents use water softeners and filters to treat their water. According to the CFPUA, the new system's water will not need those additional measures.

"It won't be until they get their bills that they realize the impact of that price increase and the fact that prices are gonna continue to go up," said Chad O'Shields, who follows the CFPUA on his blogs and

Despite the Authority holding two informative meetings about the switch many residents have mixed feelings.

"We think that it will be fine," said Berni Walsh, who lives in Porters Neck. "We're looking forward to turning off our water softeners, not buying bottled water, and we think it will be a good thing. We know that it's going to cost a little bit more, but in the long run we think it will be better."

The CFPUA assured us its water is of an exceptional quality and worth the extra money.

The new customers will need to fill out an application if they have yet to do so. The authority will mail out packets once it closes on the purchase of the system.

You can also find a link to the information at

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Are they kidding

I just have to say to the new people being takin over by cfpua don't believe their lies. You will soon see that you will still need a water softner. I live off of Middle Sound Loop Rd and I have VERY hard water. I don't know what they are telling you regarding this but I seen on the news one woman said she wouldn't be needing her water softner anymore.. Oh really !! Ask people that have cfpua water.. All they want is more money..


Welcome to the club Porters Neck. We've been getting screwed for years now. Get used to a MUCH HIGHER BILL.You may want to budget it into your mortgage payment.

The rest of New Hanover County

Chad O'Shields has an agenda too...

After reading this article, and viewing both Mr. O'Shields and the CFPUA links, I say Chad likes to spin as much as he accuses the CFPUA of doing.

Using the old adage, figures lie and liars figure, certainly Porters Neck residents rates are going to go up the point they are going to have to pay what the rest of us commoners pay! Am I supposed to feel sorry for those folks living in their gated community who paid next to nothing for their substandard private water, then when the brand new nano-plant when online, begged the CFPUA to hook them up to that source?

The Porters Neck water system delivered water of such poor quality (smell and taste), that folks out there purchased/drank bottled water only. The Porters Neck HOA asked to be connected...

The comparative slide which shows what rates CFPUA customers pay as compared to many others in surrounding communities and across the state shows us to be about in the middle. Given the lack of attention and preventative maintenance the city and county governments gave to water and sewer infrastructure, it's no wonder folks are having to pay increased rates to address the mess those legacy governments left (something Chad should be acutely aware of).