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Portion of ABC sales will no longer go to Southport area schools

For more than fifty years, a portion of sales from the Southport ABC liquor store has gone to three area schools, and Dosher Memorial Hospital. That is about to change. Thursday night the Board of Aldermen voted to allocate 100 percent of the store's funds to the city, citing the move will prevent a tax hike in this tight economy. Concerned Southport Elementary School parents said they do not want to see their children's school lose the $25,000 it has been receiving from the store. "It gives the children of the school more supplies, different things in the school that we can use to better the children's education," said concerned parent, Sam Sharp. Although all the money from the ABC store will now go to the city's general funds, board members said when budget time comes they will give some money to Southport Elementary. Aldermen has not decided just how much money that will be.

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Get rid of ABC

How about we get rid of the whole ABC system as a state and sell liquor in stores and gas stations like the rest of the world. This whole system is so rediculous and such a pain. Just another way for the state to make money if you ask me.

Board of Aldermen

You people can sleep at night knowing you took money away from education. And you wonder why we have some of the problems we do....let me guess, none of you on this board have a child in that school doooo youuuuu????????

ABC money

Thanks Southport..take the money from the schools, that parents still have to buy supplies for so now we will have to buy more things that the classrooms need.....Oh and thanks for the increase in our Electric Bill too...Yall are the best...

Here we go. Let's take from

Here we go. Let's take from the children now. R$obbing peter to pay paul, huh? That is not balancing a budget. Are there no other places to cut costs besides education? What about all of these useless projects that each town has? Hey wilmington, how about we pull money from our schools to pay for useless projects? oh wait, we already have. Here is an idea...instead of using the money from the hotel tax for the convention center, why not use the revenue to give to the area schools? That, my friends, is responsible government for the good of the people.

Wilmington & school money

How about that Wilmington can't give the Convention Center money to schools because it cannot be used for any other purpose. And how about because the City does not mandate the school district -- the County does. What money has Wilmington pulled from school districts? None because they are under the County's jurisdiction.

perhaps they should have

perhaps they should have their own school district. Whiteville and clinton do.