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Ports Authority going green

Ports Authority officials announced Tuesday that they're interested in bringing new, environmentally friendly technology to the port called PHETT. PHETT stands for pluggable hybrid electric terminal tractor. A demonstration showed how it works. The PHETT moves containers throughout the port, running off half diesel and half electric power, cutting back on harmful emissions. The manufactures claim in saves fifty percent of fuel, which is appealing to Ports Authority officials. They say it's also about a responsibility to the community. "Environmental stewardship is really a cornerstone for the authority. The other thing we mention is the health of our employees. Those emissions do carry with them a certain risk and we recognize that and we certainly want to reduce that risk,” said NC Ports Authority CEO Tom Eagar. The port will soon apply for federal and state grant money to help with the cost of purchasing PHETTS.

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Go Green or not

So for one of you, you are upset that you are missing profitable growth of a company (I think this is called Capitalism), and for two you, you prefer to work under old technology & breath in 50% more contaminants and then think it's a publicity stunt at your expense. I have a job & benefits here that beats alot around southeast NC, plus now improve my health opportunity & I'll gladly take it & appreciate what I have. Bring in the press all you want!

Missing profitable growth?

Pal, don't worry about my profits. Trust me, I'm not hurting a bit. I laugh all the way to the bank. My sole point is that there's money to be made in all this "green" nonsense. LOTS of money... ...but if you sincerely believe that you'll be exposed to appreciably less pollutants over the course of your life because of PHETT, you're being sorely deceived.

1st - I'm not your pal, 2nd-

1st - I'm not your pal, 2nd- So is it better to believe and be right or not believe and be wrong? 3rd - Glad capitalism has worked for you as you go to the bank. I'm ok with people (like you) earning big profits from green or any other market opportunity. No Risk = No gain

There's a flip-side

You can also believe and be wrong, and not believe and be right, no?

guest 5150

Don't argue with this guy, he knows everything and has always had to tell how "he's not hurting" Don't waste your time.

Sigh! Another crushed victim....

Bitter, bitter, bitter..... If you can't structure a logical argument, don't be angry with those who can.

Fact is that you always

Fact is that you always think your opinion is the only "right" option, and anyone who disagrees with you is wrong, even when they state their opinion logically. Sometimes I agree with you, sometimes I don't. But most of the time you come across as an arrogant blowhard. No one is right 100% of the time.

Think in the color of money

Few people realize what's truly behind this "green revolution." It has little to do with science, but is a classic economic play. Keep in mind that sixty of Germany's top scientists, including an early pioneer in global warming research, just wrote a letter to the German government calling the entire theory of global warming a load of baloney. The research has been flawed, they claimed, and the role of CO2 is being greatly overestimated. They also bemoaned the almost religious fanaticism that has been adopted by the proponents of global warming.... BUT... ...also consider that you could have purchased five-thousand shares of BNS Holding, the parent corporation of the company that makes the PHETT for $7500 on April 17th of this year. You could have sold those five-thousand shares for $37,500 earlier this week. Where else are you going to get a return like that in five months? So even though the entire issue of global warming may be a bunch of hooey, there is no shortage of corporate and governmental suckers willing to pay top dollar for anything that's labeled "green."

I guess they will run 32

I guess they will run 32 hours a week, there is you GREEN $$$$

Port going green?

That must explain why all of the employees other than the office personnel have been cut back to 32 hours per week. They have also changed the way they pay overtime so they can pay for display models to convince the press that the port is working towards a more eco-friendly work environment. That way, they can be sure the push for the new port in southport will be a success.