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Positive input for Carolina Beach pier consideration

The Town of Carolina Beach held a public hearing Tuesday night to consider the purchase of several pieces of property to build a pier for the North Carolina Aquarium. The price tag is more than $4 million for more than two acres of land. The rationale behind the pier project is to boost Pleasure Island tourism, increase beach access and provide more parking in the central business district. The town hopes some of the funding comes from grants, but taxpayers may have to bear a tax increase. Tuesday night's input was generally positive. “It's a significant piece of property that's great for the community and it's at a great price. I think you hit the nail on the head right there,” said Bob Lewis. Lewis, who is running for Carolina Beach Town Council, favors the pier project. On the other hand, real estate developer Adam Lisk told town council that the pier plan is fool-hardy and the town appears to be blazing the way too quickly without a master plan and projections.

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New Carolina Beach Pier

I think the project is a great opportunity for Carolina Beach. It will help Carolina Beach become more than just a summer town. It will help merchants, restaurants and will add more activities for FAMILY vacationers. The time is right to buy this property because properties values are down. Do nothing and let some developer fight the MR. NO’s residents of the city to put more condos for rent on the property. The city needs to figure out the traffic… And last if the city has to go it alone I know my taxes will go up and that’s OK!!!!

How about all the town

How about all the town Employees who were told the Town was over budget and all of there raises were taken because the town didn't have enough money. Well......

CB purchase of property for pier???? DUH!!!!!!!!!!

This is rediculous in the face of a bad economy and property taxes already thru the roof!!!! No property should be purchased unless there id a gov't. grant to pay for it! I cannot believe that the "current" CB council would even consider another tax increase!!!! Dang, they increased taxes approx. 25% over the revenue neutral after the last appraisal. Are thes folks getting tutored by the Feds.????

And Government Grants come from...

where? YOUR tax dollars! However, I imagine you'd rather see your Federal dollars pay instead of local tax dollars?