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Possibility of new hotels in downtown Wilmington

READ MORE: New hotels a possibility in downtown Wilmington
Downtown Wilmington is changing. The area is attracting new hotels. While the projects are far from getting the "green light", two North Carolina based developers are looking to build hotels along North Third Street. Executive Director of the Historic Wilmington Foundation, George Edwards said, “We certainly do want to see a vibrant city, and so one example of vibrancy is new development with new hotels.” One hotel would be on Third and Grace with 160 rooms and would be 75 feet tall; about as tall as its neighbor, the Bank of America project. The other will be a Marriot Courtyard Hotel on Second Street between Grace and Chestnut. A third hotel is already in the works, adjacent to the future convention center. The Indigo Hotel will be six stories and house 150 rooms. Kim Hufham, from the Convention and Visitors Bureau said, “We're excited by the prospect of what's happening downtown and we just feel like the additional rooms will be an asset to the product we have to sell.” Hufham said it is hard to predict whether Wilmington’s tourist market will be able to sustain three hotels. While tourism numbers are up almost 3.5 percent this fiscal year, tourism was down 2.5 percent for the month of July, compared to July 2007. George Edwards of the Historic Wilmington Foundation said a main attraction for tourists, is the city's old world charm. “You have to ask, what quality of hotel are you going to get, and are they going to be compatible with the district and is there height going to be compatible,” said Edwards. Developers are still in their early stages, so we do not know exactly what these proposed hotels would look like, or when they would open. The Indigo Hotel near the convention center is expected to open in the year 2010. The city's technical review committee is currently looking at the plans for the Third and Grace site. It will make its recommendations to the developer. Plans for the hotel on Second, according to its developer, is still about three weeks away from the city's review.

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As patriotic as higher taxes

The moment that Biden said higher taxes are more patriotic I switched to a Republican. Makes about as much sense as a convention center in 'not so well planned' downtown Wilmington.

State the Real Facts

First, convention centers unanimously, across the country, lose money and require taxpayer assistance. It's all in black and white, if you read the balance sheets. I just read a recent study that shows the Raleigh Convention to be a money-pit for taxpayers. Where are you getting your facts? Now if outside money, not tax local dollars, is willing to build hotels on the NORTHSIDE of Downtown Wilmington, where our city council said they should be, then why is not this not a good thing? If these hotels can help our upcoming "tax money pit" convention center is yet to be seen. Yes, here comes Wilmington building a convention center after every city has done the same, and it's common knowledge that there are too many such centers, and they are all losers. We complain about high taxes...but ask for more. Our city council seems to have a free hand, and if anyone speaks out against the powers to be, they are not thanked for another perspective, or presenting the flip side of the coin...they are crucified. Let's watch our convention center balance sheet, and then we will see who was right.

Yes but all of the facts for a change

If the city of Raleigh was so burnt by a financial loss by their first convention canter, why were they so eager to vote, build and complete a new larger convention center? Which by the way is totally booked. Like many other SMART AREAS, they look at their centers as good investment. Again New Burn, NC did it and their center is booked and a success, why can't we. P.S. their was no interest in the north end ( including new hotels) until the civic center plans became a real possibility.

Scratch the Surface!

I read a more in-depth study of the Raleigh Convention Center, and it pointed out that bookings were all at a 45% discount, which in the end would not be profitable, and certainly would require taxpayer assistance. It went on to say all Convention Centers across the country are fiercely competing with each other, losing money, and requiring tax dollars. I believe these numerous reports that all have the same findings. Raleigh got a new Center because a few people voted it in, just like here in Wilmington. And like in Wilmington, there was no popular vote, and the real facts were always hidden under the hype of new jobs and revitalization. PPD, the most amazing venture to ever hit Downtown, was pre-Convention Center. What about MLK Parkway, I-140? Have you seen all the new buildings and projects? The Northside is the new entrance to the city with or without the Convention Center. Let's keep up with the books on this one. Believe me I hope it does make money.

"Possibility of new hotels

"Possibility of new hotels in downtown Wilmington"..... __________________________________________ Why????? Makes as much sense as a high rise building in Burgaw :-)

WOW, more backward thinking and comments

It's no wonder downtown Wilmington is still trying to play catch-up. Even to New Bern, NC which is not near our size or economics.

Catch up to what??? A

Catch up to what??? A booming metropolis with a failing infrastructure year by year? Seems you aren't up on current events of this *Palm Beach* wanna be community of ours pal. 1.Crime rates higher and higher (i.e.downtown) 2.Worse road system this side of the Pecos. 3.Higher gas prices compared to other N.C. counties. 4.City Council's sewer problems being ignored for years....and years. Wow...that's a good one! 5.A soon to be Convention Center fiasco. 6.Worse traffic fatalities in our state. Yes...I guess a new high rise building will make us all forget the obvious at the tax payers expense. And by the way...ditto to the comment made by cintrek :-)

Who wants to be Palm Beach???????????

Every issue you mentioned here has been around since I moved here back in 1988, except the civic center project. These issues exist from poor leadership of past several decades and too little tax base in the city limits to fund improvements. The current leadership and the additional tax base through new developments will fund the improvements needed to our infrastructure. It's just common since.

Wanna make a bet? Next time

Wanna make a bet? Next time you hit a humongous pot hole in the about another sewer spill into whatever the city annex for $$$ and turn an ear away from concerned citizens, review the current leadership qualities once again.

New Hotels Downtown

Consider this-the people who work in the tourist industry, hotels, motels, stores, etc. are paid low income salaries that do not support the high cost of living in this county. Plus the high cost of crime in the downtown area with no added police presence.

Again, why are you focasing negative?

Why should we focus only on low salaries downtown with new development? New business owners, managers, operators and others can bring in large sums of money. But more important is the increased city and county tax base brought in by these new buildings, property improvements and new business.

We should thank our leaders for the Civic Center Project

Finally Downtown Wilmington has a chance to reach its potential as a world class area. With several new much needed hotel projects announced, PPD's new home, serveral new marinas and a number other new projects. All have mentioned the new Civic Center project to be important to their projects and to Wilmington. All of these projects will improve the tax base of the city and county. So you can see the Civic Center is already starting to pay for itself even before it's completed.

About Time

It is about time there is a new hotel downtown. We stopped placing business associates in a current large downtown hotel becuase with the exception of a furniture coverup, the cost of the rooms that have stained ceilings, peeling wallpaper and a moldy smell were not woth the massive overpriced cost. A bandaid will only cover so much up, and an old hotel is old hotel. Bring us something decent for a change Wilmington!

Well I guess this is proof the Convention Center is Good

Well Curtis (Wrong) Wright, your favorite side kick Pat (herb) Delaire and other na sayers beating the drum against the new Civic Center, this is more evidence that you are wrong. PPD, the three new hotels and other new investments on north end of downtown have all mentioned the new Civic Center as catalyist to their projects.

Time will tell...

who's side is right. But given the financial history of civic centers nationwide, I'll stick with Curtis, Pat, and the other fiscal conservatives.