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Possible suspect, but no arrests in Montez Jones' murder

READ MORE: Possible suspect, but no arrests in Montez Jones' murder
The family of a murdered Wilmington man needs your help. They want the person responsible for killing Montez Jones in broad daylight on Christmas Day, to come forward. Jamica Kemp, the mother of Jones’ children said, "How am I going to tell my kids that they will never see their father again." A desperate cry from the mother of 25-year-old Montez Jones' three young children; a man she says was a hard worker, and stayed out of trouble. They have no idea why anyone would want to kill him. “He had a 9:00 to 5:00. He went to work, and didn't bother anybody." Mark Squires, a co-worker, said, "Montez was an outstanding worker, and he went the extra mile to help people out." Mark Squire worked with Jones for three years at L and L Tent Rentals. He said everyone loved Montez. “The family here at L and L, we are one big happy family here, and it really put a damper on everything around here." Jones was shot three times in cold blood on Christmas Day; a day that will never be the same for those who loved him. Jones’ younger brother said, "We are all hurt, it's Christmas, and you know no one would expect someone to die on Christmas Day, and we just miss him." Jamica saw him the morning before he was killed. Montrel came all the way back from college hoping to see his older brother. She said, "You just can't get him back, we know he is in a better place now, but you just miss him." The family says the police have a suspect in mind. However, arrest or no arrest, it will never bring back the life his family and friends say was viciously taken away. Jones' body was sent for an autopsy yesterday. The family hopes to make funeral arrangements by this weekend.

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How can anyone of you pass

How can anyone of you pass judgment on someone you do not know? Anyone of us could have ended up in that same situation. Is it any better for someone to be labelled a drug dealer or assaulter? Does being a drug dealer make you a bad person? It called a job, just like you tight behind 9-5 worker who were blessed with a good opportunity. It's Wilmington, NC for goodness sakes. Where can you find a good job to take care of you and someone else? No where the job market there sucks. I grew up in the same neighborhood as Montez and I could ended up in the same boat. They are corporate officers and city officials even police officers all over the United States who are drug dealers and users. What difference does it make? Also to the person who complained about his children's mother and him not getting married, let's think. Why is the US being laughed at for the sanity of marriage? Because people marry, have children and our divorce rate is through the roof. If it is not going to work, do what is right and not get married and put your kids through that. Come on Wilmington. This is my hometown, but some people need to wake up and smell the stink of what's coming out of their mouths and look at the situation not the details. You judge and judge, but if a veteran dies it's sad even if he/she leaves no one behind. Come on, Death is death. Death and murder leaves families to mourn and children without a parent. But in this situation, three children are left without a father. Grow up and stop fitting into the stereotype that people have for Wilmington. And what made anyone want to look on the Corrections site in the first place. To conclude this, Rest in peace Montez. You were and are very loved by everyone who knew especially your Laney and East Wilmington family.

And you are EXACTLY what is

And you are EXACTLY what is wrong with our society. Being a drug dealer is a job? You can't be serious, can you? I feel so bad for you, I honestly do. I feel even worse for any child you raise, where you let them know it is okay to sell drugs as a "job". You are completely warped.

College Graduate

The funny part about you is that I graduated from Laney High School and the University of Maryland College Park with my BA in Accounting and lived in the poor side of town same as him and I saw the prided police officers and businessmen come to my neighborhood buying and selling drugs. I saw students who lived in Landfall doing the same thing. So for you to be so ignorant to think that someone is better than you because you don't have a habit or didn't look at the idea of selling illegal substances, good for you. But there are people who look at it as a means for survival. I don't know what world you live in, but obviously it is not where humans live. No one is perfect including you. As for children I have raised I have two high school graduates, current college students at NC State under my belt. But I guess you feel that someone stealing taxpayers money is a good person and career. You are right I am completely warped.

messed up

this is messed up because montez was liked as far as i know i basically spent my life growing up around him and his family so to see somthing like this happens to someone so close it hurts very much. its ashame his kids wont have father anymore. however montez and his family and friends will have justice. love you and miss you much montez


a sterling role model gone. Let's see, 3 small children and neither parent considered the need for marriage to legitimize them. Great example to set for 3 young children. Also sad that it occurred in broad day light; likely some neighbor knows something and will not step forward to help put the shooter or shooters where they belong. But then the way our society thinks, someone probably wants to blame Santa Claus. After all, whom else would have been out that day without a family to visit?

dont pass judgement

Just because a website says something dosent mean he is a solid criminal. In reality i knew him i knew he was a good guy reguardless of his color or where he lived. I live in a middle class neighborhood and knew him.. dont pass judgement on someone you dont know.. and dont always rely on what the paper says. and stop wasting time writing on people you dont know, go do something productive. Rip Montez we love you. see you in heaven.. a friend

What in the world... a "solid" criminal? Are there also liquid and gaseous criminals? In your mind, is a part-time criminal not a real criminal? The messages from those people attacking Guesty show two mindsets that are serving to continue this horror in the Black community. First, the fact that you immediately jump to defend, and indeed sing the praises of people who have an almost unbroken string of convictions ranging from 2007 back to 1999 sends a loud, clear message: "You can be a criminal AND be a good guy." That's NOT the message that your children should be hearing. You should be telling them that criminals are NOT good people, and no one should have anything to do with crime or criminals. Criminals should be social outcasts, not beloved members of the community. Second, this kind of nonsense DOESN'T happen "to everyone." You are totally fooling yourself if you think that raising a criminal and seeing him gunned down on the street is simply the luck of the draw, and it could be anyone's kid. Your children are growing up in the world YOU created for them. Fathers are in jail, on the run, living with one of their other girlfriends across town, or simply gone. Moms are working far too many hours to watch the kids they're having by far too many men without the benefit of marriage.... ...and NO ONE, male or female, has the guts to say, "Get away from me, you're a criminal." You accept them as your friends and boyfriends. You invite them into your home and your bed. Let me be blunt: While society as a whole is collapsing and no race is immune from behavior that can only be described as self-destructive, we are witnessing social anarchy in a large portion of the Black community. The byproduct of that was in the headlines just this week, a forty-percent rise in young Black men being murdered or committing a murder. I can't stop the next killing. The police can't stop the next killing. YOU CAN.

Wow! You hit the nail on the

Wow! You hit the nail on the head. I have always wondered why people think it is ok to commit crimes and go to jail. I was raised to never associate with criminals and always obey the law. I am teaching my children the same thing. Commiting a crime and going to jail does not make you a good person. I am sorry this man lost his life, but maybe you could learn a lesson from this and try to save the next one.

easier to do

It is easier for them to attack guesty then for them to try to fix the mess they have allowed their children to become. They want to keep popping out children but not be responsible for properly raising them. Then when they get caught up in criminal activity they blame everybody but the person and themselves. Grow up and take responsibility for you actions or inactions.

Once again

Again, nobody brought up his race except those that are trying to defend his criminal actions. As I have said before, good guys don't have long criminal records like he did. It is correct I don't know him because I refuse to associate with known criminals. I keep my standards higher and expect the same from my friends. Sometimes the truth can be a bitter pill to swallow.

you dont know the man. you

you dont know the man. you know what you read. and the people that write these articles dont know Montez either. they write to make the story true even if its in the past. he was loved and a great family man and he wasnt a dangerous man you needed him he was there. his race dont matter i live a few blocks from him and i have nothing on my record. where you live means nothing. regardless of the fact he is someone you would want to know that is how great of a person he was always had everyones back you needed him or something he was there. RIP Montez i love you so much and i will see you again day.

Not dangerous?

See what I mean about fooling yourselves? He had convictions for breaking and entering and resisting an officer, plus a few "just plain stupid" charges like disorderly conduct, drugs, and driving while license revoked. I'd say that the B&E proves he was dangerous to property owners, and the resisting arrest proves that he was dangerous to law enforcement officers. Here's another bubble that needs bursting - fathering illegitimate children is NOT being "a good family man." But her's your assessment of his quality and general worth: "regardless of the fact he is someone you would want to know that is how great of a person he was always had everyones back you needed him or something he was there." Oddly enough, unless you are involved in the military, law enforcement, or some other dangerous, public service job like firefighting, why would you need anyone to "cover your back?" What a great commentary on the community mindset! Nearly every one of the young Black men killed in Wilmington during '08 should have "Community apathy toward his lifestyle" listed as the cause of death.

And again

Try to read all the words! I didn't know him, didn't want to know him. I don't associate with known criminals. Only you defenders of this criminal have brought his race into play. I don't care if he were Asian, Mexican, European or anything else, he was a criminal. I never brought up his race, nor do I care. He was a criminal, plain and simple.



who are any of you to pass

who are any of you to pass judgement? This mans life was taken from him and all you can think about is his pass. So while your focused on the negative, I will be praying for his family and the young children he has left behind. But dont worry I will pray for your ignorance also.

John Q. Public

I am JQP, one and the same that is tired of these thugs running around this town. What does his past (not pass) have to do with his death? If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and looks like a duck, it must be a duck. Now replace the word "duck" with "drug dealer" and maybe even in your haze you might be able to see where his past has bearing on his death. While you are praying, pray for your check to arrive soon.

So true....

I loveeee this post! So true!!

Sooooo Sad

It is so sad what happened and that you people come on here and down a person who is now deceased and who's family will probably see this. Hood or suburbs, people don't deserve to die like that on the curb! You claim he could have been selling drugs, really? From my understanding and what witnesses saw, he was walking back home from the Grocery Store with Grocery Bags still in his hand as he died, I guess he was hustling bisquits for Christmas Dinner Huh? His Children will grow up without a father, and he wasn't a deadbeat thug father, he loved his children and was a good dad. Stop being so ignorant, get over all of the race issues, because when you say from the hood, it is as if where he lived made him less of a person. He was a good person and nobody regardless of the life they live should die at someone else's hands (well except child molesters)!

Only you

You are the only one to bring his race up, I didn't nor did any other poster here. Only you. If you choose "to live thug way, you gonna die thug way." I don't know of any drug dealer that has ever retired with cash. (But then I don't know any drug dealers at all.) The drug dealing profession usually has two exits 1)Jail 2) Dead He took door #2. Speaking of being ignorant, normally good people don't have long criminal records, only criminals do.

Stayed out of trouble?

The Department of Corrections website begs to disagree.

Same guy?

From the story: "A desperate cry from the mother of 25-year-old Montez Jones' three young children; a man she says was a hard worker, and stayed out of trouble. They have no idea why anyone would want to kill him." Is he the same guy that had been arrested a number of times for drug offenses, assault on a female, breaking and entering and probation violations? If so, how exactly did he stay out of trouble? My money says he was out dealing drugs and was shot over it.

Surprise, surprise. A

Surprise, surprise. A shooting on Christmas day in the hood. No respect for anyone or anything. No peace and love for all man-kind.

I agree

Surprise, Surprise, I TOTALLY agree... When will it stop? Damn, I give up!