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Post offices not staying open late on last day to file taxes

WILMINGTON -- Tuesday is your last day to settle up with Uncle Sam. It's tax day and the clock is ticking away for last-minute filers. For all the procrastinators out there, you may be out of luck. If you were planning on the post office staying open after hours, well, you'll have to come up with a new plan. Post offices all across our viewing area are not extending their hours like they have in the past. Because so many tax payers file electronically the number of people mailing their returns has gone down. Even so the spokesperson for the Myrtle Grove Post Office says the traffic today has been steady, and yesterday, lines were out the door. While many people Tuesday already had their postmarked returns in hand some say extended hours still would be helpful. Wilmington resident Glen Jacks said, "Being open late would be nice. For all the people that have to work and do their own taxes." If you can't make it to the post office by closing time, you have a few options to mail your return. Self service kiosks are open 24 hours at the Myrtle Grove location on Carolina Beach Road, at 3916 Oleander Dr. and 314 Lennon Dr. in Wilmington. And be careful. If you have postage on your return and you put it in a mail box that has already passed its collection time, your return will not get postmarked today. To avoid the post office all together you can still file your taxes electronically. The IRS says about 70 percent of taxpayers filed their returns electronically this year. E-filing helps you avoid the clutter of multiple forms, signature pages and figuring out where to mail your return. And if you owe money you can choose to file now and pay later. If you're getting money back you can get it quickly by opting to have it automatically transferred to your bank account.

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it'd be more helpful...

... if all those slackers would have filed sooner. There is no reason to wait until the last day. None. Zero. Nada. It's shameful how these people drag their feet in getting their stuff together, then expect others to go out of their way to accomodate them.


I don't know why people expect the Postal Service to stay open late just because they chose to file at the last minute. Why should the PO have to pay clerks overtime for this? How long have these procrastinators known they had to file their taxes? Did they find out yesterday that they were due today? I don't think so. They had as much time as I did, and I received my refund back in Feb.. There is an option. If everyone would get behind the Fair Tax and MAKE our officials put it into law we would NOT ever have to file income taxes again, so therefore there would not be a deadline. Google Fair Tax and do a little research before you listen to all the lies our officials tell us about it.

fair tax

Fair tax is only fair to rich people. Low income families who rely on earned income credit would not be able to survive. They would pay a LOT more in taxes than they do now because ALL their money would be taxed at 23% compared to the 0 tax they pay now. People who have to pay a lot in medical expenses are screwed as well as anyone who has to get a student loan. Then you have retirees who have paid income tax all their lives now having to pay 23% more money just to survive. Of course, there would be no social security or medicare anymore, so all the money I put into it over the last 35 years is gone. The black market would explode. Anyone who is struggling now would be on the street. The funny part of it is, the bill says that investments would NOT be taxed. Seriously? So the people that buy stuff to make money wouldn't be taxed, only the people who buy it to use it would. Again, screwing low income people. What do you think would happen to the economy if everything you buy just jumped 30%? Yes 30% because 23% of what you spend is tax. So something that costs $77 would now cost %100. That's a 30% increase. Most people would be buying 30% less stuff like food, rent, clothing...etc all of which would be taxed. My daughter would not be able to go to college because tuition (yes, that would also be taxed) would go up 30% and no tax break for the interest on the loans that would go up by 30%. Anyone who has to take a loan out for education is royally screwed. The real estate market would all but disappear with the addition of 30% on the cost and no tax break for the interest. Virtually every penny I make would be taxed at 30%. That's just stupid.

not always their fault

I'm behind you 100% on the Fair Tax, but have to take issue with faulting people for filing at the last minute. Many have to wait for information from other people or companies in order to file. They may need the time to come up with the money for their tax bill. Maybe they were sick. Accountants get backed up and finish returns later than hoped. There are many legitimate reasons people file at the last minute and they shouldn't be disparaged for taking advantage of their legal right to file on April 15. As for me...I file the first day electronic filing is available and received my refund at the end of January. But my return is about as simple as they come :)

If you're getting a refund....

...YOU'RE as simple as they come. Would the government give you an interest-free loan? Then why are you giving them one? You ALWAYS want to have your withholding structured so that at the end of the year you break even or have to pay in a small amount. You can use your money all year long, instead of waiting on Uncle Sam to pay back the extra that you didn't have to pay.