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Practicing good cell phone etiquette

READ MORE: Practicing good cell phone etiquette
We all own one, and probably admit that we could not live without them. They are our cell phones. At times, they can also be a disturbance to those around us. Nikki Fisher of US Cellular said, "What we've noticed is that a cell phone is a life line for our customers. Its become their woobie, their little towel that we used to drag behind ourselves as kids." Fisher said, "Although having your cell phone accessible at all times is a way of the world nowadays, people forget that when they are out at a restaurant or the movies, and it rings out loud, it can be disturbing to other people." People sometimes forget all manners when they are on their cell phones. It is almost a habit, to answer your phone when it rings, no matter where you are, and that is a pet peeve for many. Terrell Gibbs from Queens, NY said, "I work at a gas station, and people come into the gas station and they try to talk to you and talk on the phone at the same time, and they expect you to wait for them, and I don't like that." Similar to Murphy's Law, if you think your phone might ring at an inappropriate time, it probably will. So, keep it on silent, or vibrate, and make all your calls in a private place so as not to disturb people around you. Odds are, they don't want to know what you need to pick up for dinner, anyway. In a 2006 ABC news poll, nearly three quarters of those surveyed have had a person begin using a cell phone or PDA, while in the middle of a conversation with them.

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Hang it up!

I don't have a problem with cell phone use in general. I don't normally carry mine, except for the fact that I have a family member in critical conditon and I may need to be contacted if I am away, mine is turned off in any public place. Most of the time it is in my vehicle. If I go out to eat or am at church, it is left in my vehicle. I say to those of you who feel like you have to carry on a conversation in the restaurant or grocery store or anywhere else for that matter, maybe you are just too important to be out like that. I was at a restaurant a few months ago, and as my husband and I were eating, the man at the next table got a call. We had to sit there and listen to a conversation about someone's illness that was pure nauseating. I believe management sometimes should step in when a customer is disturbing others with their phone calls. They are afraid they might lose a customer but I think what should happen in that situation, is that everyone sitting around having to listen to it, should get up, walk to the cash register and file a complaint. My biggest gripe is those who bring their cell phones to church. Just this year I have been to a funeral and a wedding that someone's phone went off. That is totally outrageous and inexcusable! We have an EMT at our church and when he is on call, he leaves his on vibrate in case of an emergency!

cell phone

I am a cashier and when one of my customers stands in front of me talking on the phone it is RUDE! I for one will not speak to them, I will ring them up, they can look to see the total. It is very RUDE at certain times! Yes dear, I love you...blah, blah, blah

I disagree

I think the worst place to talk on your cell phone is while in a public restroom. I hate that above all other situations. I personally don't like that being sent over the airwaves to some person I do not know

While I couldn't live

While I couldn't live without my own cell phone; unless you're a doctor or in another field that necessitates emergency service, there is NO NEED to answer your phone in a store, restaurant ect. WHAT could be so important that it could not wait until you're back in your car? I absolutely agree that the second to worst offense is the person talking while in line at a store. If the person at the other end of the conversation were standing next to them, they would pause their conversation and pay but because they are on their cell they assume that they can not ask the other party to hold for a moment. The absolute worst case is the talking driver. You can ALWAYS tell (by the erratic speeds and swerving) before you pass if the disruptive driver in front of you is on their phone. Again, are they so important that people need access to them at every moment?

Wish I didn't need one...

But I will not lie, I can't live without it now. But seriousley, how bad would it really be to not have this technology available. How many hardships have there been since they came around. How many rude people can be attributed to the cell phone. I would love to blame teenagers but I see soccer moms, day trading dads and me (as long as I am being honest) making rude calls, answering at inappropriate times, talking while driving etc...... I draw the line, say at the movies or where people have clearly posted "no cell phones", like Doctors offices or court, but some people are oblivious to this concept. The picture asocciated with this post say's it all. Whats worse is when you get behind someone in line and they will not hang up or put the other person on hold long enough to order or pay. The sad part is they are probably talking to someone who is in another line somewhere else, maybe next door, or maybe 4 people back. There is nothing more annoying than a pointless conversation. I am so tired of talking about nothing just because I have minutes available.

cell phone etiquette

not only is it rude when it rings loud, but also when someone talks very loud on phone in public, I hate it when I am shopping and someone is having a very loud phone convesation. They tend to get in your way, and act like they are the only person in the store. I really do not care to hear about Mary's health problems, or Jakes bad work habits...etc.. I do not answer my phone in public. I will return to my car and call back if I think it may be important.

Cell Phone Etiquette

Truly, answering cell phones at the wrong time is truly annoying. I and my family experienced this recently during a trip to south Myrtle Beach. At a restaurant, a woman was very loudly talking on her phone. Yes, happy subjects were being discussed, but not really anything anyone else needed to know. Quiet conversations don't bother me unless I can plainly tell they concern something unpleasant, which should be discussed in private.