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Precautions in the works in case of swine flu

READ MORE: Precautions in the works in case of swine flu
North Carolina's health director said of the ten to twenty suspected cases of swine flu that were tested in the lab today, all of the results came back negative. Dr. Engel said the state of the swine flu in North Carolina is stable, but people should be on alert. Wilmington agencies continue to refine their plans, should the outbreak hit closer to home. And for agencies like homeland security, the airport and county emergency services, it's important to keep their staff healthy too. Before you step off a vessel at the Port of Wilmington, you've got to face the Coast Guard first. With the swine flu epidemic, two levels short of becoming a pandemic, members of the Coast Guard are making sure our coast stays flu-free. Emergency services in Brunswick County are quickly thinking of ways to protect their employees... "We're trying to keep our staff healthy, because we are taking care of people, we need to keep a healthy staff,” said Brian Watts of the Brunswick County EMS. If you plan on flying out of ILM, they're preparing for the worst too. Airport officials aren't panicking, but they are screening all their passengers for swine flu symptoms, as they pass through security and on and off the aircraft. The airport also has a universal plan for any all-communicable diseases. “We have a plan in place, if that should happen, to isolate the aircraft, immediately contact the health department from New Hanover County, as well as the CDC in Atlanta,” said Gary Broughton. New Hanover Regional is equipped with Tamiflu in case of a confirmed outbreak in our area, but it is only to be used to emergency purposes only.

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In Jan., 2008, my kids came

In Jan., 2008, my kids came home sick from school. Took them to their doctor and got some anti-biotics. My mom watches them and she was soon sick as well and her doctor gave her anti-biotics. I got sick and went to the doctor and she claimed I had the flu. I couldn't understand how everyone else in the house got sick, took anti-biotics for a few days and were now turning cartwheels, but I had the flu? She gave me Tamiflu, and $143.00 and three days of taking it later, I couldn't raise my head off the pillow. I stopped taking it, and in twenty four hours, I was able to sit up in bed, and was back to work two days after that. If Tamiflu is the cure, I'll take my chances with the illness.

I wonder...

What antibiotics were your children and your mother given?

fear mongering.....

at its best! I believe this happened in 1976 too. What about the bird flu hoax? I thought thousands die each year from the flu, that is why I need to get that awesome, great working, no side effect flu shot, right? I guess we need to mandate every state to stockpile millions of doses of tamiflu at the low govt contracted price. Kind of like the Medicare contracted price for these life saving drugs. Wow, I think I just got sick..............


If I understand your post correctly, you are accusing government agencies and officials of fear-mongering. I am not understanding where that accusation comes from. Let's say the government did NOTHING in response to health threats that could affect THOUSANDS of Americans if left unchecked. Would there not be absolute outrage if they DID ignore the facts? Yes, that's exactly what they are: FACTS, not hoaxes. This strain of flu is NOT the usual influenza that strikes during the winter. Firm numbers of cases increase everyday. Already some have died from this. So, they're really kind of danged-if-they-do and danged-if-they-don't as far as you're concerned. Speaking for myself, if my government is aware of a threat to my health and the health of my family, I want to know about it! I want to know what precautions we should take, AND I want to know that if I or someone close to me DOES contract this, there will be assistance from our government.

My guess is that the

My guess is that the pharmaceutical companies have a large stockpile of Tamiflu and need to get rid of it before it expires (probably already changing labels). With the help of the Government, a "panic" is being created to make a fast buck. Big government and big their best.