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Preliminary autopsy results in for Berry Carter

There is an update Friday on the man found dead early Thursday at the WASTEC trash facility. Preliminary autopsy results indicate Berry Carter suffered from severe internal injuries, consistent with being crushed in a garbage truck's compactor. Mr. Carter was a homeless man. He was believed to have been in a dumpster, when it was emptied into a trash truck. The case is still being investigated. Deputies said there was no sign of foul play.

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Help all of you!!

I hope that he teaches all of us a leason... What is up with you people?!?!?!?! Trying to blame "somebody" seems to be the name of the game here. There is a gentleman dead. He may have been homeless, but how did he get to that state of being, maybe, just maybe, because of people like yourselfs that only care about "themselves". As far as I can see, there was a man, homeless or not, was a good man, didn't matter how or why he came about the situation, but he was trying to survive and stay warm. I blame no one. The driver was duing his job and "Berry" was doing what he needed to do to stay warm. Come to grips with it people, there are homeless out there everyday, we all need to realize that Even before the recession kicked in, no one helped back then for the homeless, we really need to now. This should be a lesson to all of us, we could end up there ourself. Put your foot in the other shoe and quit grippin about it. Do something. One day you are going to need help..............then what????? HHHMMMM?!?!?!?!


As bad as this is, how about just not sleeping in dumpsters instead of putting the responsibility of clearing every single dumpster to be handled by waste management?


This is horrible. Is it preventable? Perhaps the garbage collectors should check before they dump the containers.


Perhaps bums should stay out of trash containers - they know they're not supposed to be there. Why put the responsibility for their high-risk activities on someone else?

what kind of person are you

what kind of person are you to say that? Guess you think he deserved to die like that. why dont they look in the dumpsters how hard is that. you need to go to church it is easter weekend

I didn't say he deserved to

I didn't say he deserved to die - don't put words in my mouth. But he chose to sleep in a dumpster. Judging by his arrest record and how these homeless guys often act, he was likely passed-out drunk. He was a grown man who made bad choices, and died because of it. He had no business being there anyway - the dumpster belongs to the trash company, and is leased by it's customer. This guy trespassed into a dangerous place, got himself killed, and you want to put the blame on the trash company/driver for not checking the dumster? That's pretty unrealstic don't you think? A few years ago, some bum went into a zoo (Washington D.C., I think) at night. If I remember right, he was going to kill and cook some zoo animal for a meal. Well, he ended up in the polar bear cage and bears are the ones who got a good meal. Was this the zoo's fault? Should they have been checking the animal cages for bums? And before you judge whether I need to go to church, know that I spent 4 years working to help people like this. Here's a little secret - most of them don't want your help. Sure, they'll take your financial assistance, they'll take your food donations and sleep in a shelter when it's really cold out. But they don't want responsibility, don't want jobs, they certainly don't want to stop drinking, and they don't want you or me telling them how they should live their lives. All I'm saying is that you can't place the responsibility for a person's bad decisions on someone else.

Nobody said he deserved to

Nobody said he deserved to die, but he should have had more sense than to sleep in a dumpster. It is not the responsibility of the drivers to inspect every dumpster before emptying it. What if the bum had walked behind the truck and got run over, would that have been the driver's fault?


AGAIN people like YOU sir Guest dee...are the PROBLEM in this great country...ITS CALLED COMMON SENSE and SELF responsibility...he shouldn't have been in was HIS OWN FAULT...he died horribly...but it was his OWN STUPIDITY that killed him...doesn't matter if he was the mayor or a bum... You act like it is Wastec's responsibility...that couldn't be further from the truth.

Look in the dumpsters?

You truly expect businesses to absorb the cost of the driver stopping before he empties every single dumpster? Do you have any concept of "Time is money?" That poster may or may not need to go to church - you, however, defintely need to get some economic common sense. Bums freeze to death in Winter, they die of heat stroke in the Summer, they are crushed in garbage trucks and they routinely kill each other over the last ounce of booze or the last cigarette. Violent, premature death is an occupational hazard for these people.