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President Bush lifts ban on offshore drilling

President Bush has lifted an executive ban on offshore oil drilling. The move is largely symbolic because a federal law bans offshore oil drilling. The president has been pushing Congress to repeal the law, saying it could bring the cost of oil down in the U.S. If Congress backs the plan, the move could have major implications for the California and Florida coastlines. U.S. Senator Richard Burr praised the president's move. Many other North Carolina leaders are against drilling in the waters off our shores.

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But will it really help?

I have been listening closely to all this hoopla about drilling or not drilling offshore and in Alaska. I have tuned in to both the sides on the talk shows and heard way too many reasons for it or against it. The only thing I would ask about this is... With the oil companies in a World Market, will it really help us by drilling offshore? I could see it if we were the only ones to receive the oil from this action, but it is actually going to be anyone in the world with money. Then there is the question of refineries. If we are operating at peak capacity now, with no plans for increasing our refinery output, how will adding more oil help drop the price? There is always the angle of "supply and demand" that comes into the talks. But if the supply is increased, the price drops, the demand will go up...until we are back up to a greater demand than what we can supply, so the price once again will go up but with less options next time. I would be all for drilling offshore and in Alaska if we were absolutely guaranteed that we would not sale one drop of the oil to foriegn countries... it all stays in the US. Plus, we approve letting the oil companies build more refineries, or at least increase capacity of those we have, AND put in place a firm timetable for us to be off of oil dependancy entirely within 20-30 years.

Alaskan oil: The quality and geography....

....make sending it to the Northwest Pacific Rim the smarter choice. They have lower environmental regulation, so the sour oil isn't as big a headache as it would be if we tried to refine it in the lower forty-eight. Since oil IS a global commodity, any increase in supply lowers global prices. It would be nice if we could simply say, "It all stays here," but the simple fact is that we do still live in a global economy. We need the freedom to send crummy oil to South Korea and import higher quality, easier refined oil from Mexico. Not all oil is created equal! The bottom line is that we need to be drilling offshore and in ANWR NOW, building new refineries NOW, and starting a massive shift in fuel allocation NOW. From what I have heard, that latter item is a key element of Pickens' plan. Get all of our electrical infrastructure powered by nuclear, wind, solar, and coal, freeing up natural gass for fuel consumption by cars, trucks, locomotives, etc. Then we only need petroleum for those prime movers that absolutely must use oil. We already have a massive infrastructure for distributing natural gas and we know that cars can run fine on natural gas. The plan is worthy of consideration.


Never in my fifty years have I seen any problems with off shore drilling or the platforms. No leaks, spills or problems! If I'm wrong then someone prove me wrong! Yes we've had ships run aground and break apart in rough seas but never have I heard of any problems what so ever with drilling on any coast! It's time to tell the Sudan to go take a hike we can take care of ourselves! It's amazing that in Iraq right now they are paying 60 cents for a gallon. Why? Think about it. They are rich and have fields full of oil. We can too. The Atlantic is full as well. Check this out, it shows all of the major oil Spills in the last 60 years. You can't say there has been NO oil leaks, spills or problems...when there obviously has been.

Excuse me, Albert, but your Greenpeace list......

....lists spills from ships. Are you also anti-ship? Are you against powering ships with fuel oil, or shipping oil by tanker, the source of the vast majority of those spills? The original poster said there had been no spills relating to offshore drilling in sixty years. He was wrong, in that we had a major blowout in Santa Barbara in 1969....but that was the LAST major spill caused by drilling in United States waters. So he made a opposed to your attempt to deceive people by posting a link to a site listing dozens and dozens of rather small oil spills which had nothing to do with offshore drilling. ("Rats! They're actually reading it, instead of just looking at the yellow dots!") Honesty is the best policy, even for enviroloons.


Well off shore drilling might not be the best for the children and grandchildren. but, in 10 years we know we would be able to provide for them. and the other fuels you are talking about looking to it a little more. It is very expense for other fuels, the farmers are make money don't feel to sorry for them with the price of corn and the government pay out to them. Fertilizer companys are doing well also with export, Look at everything before you shut down on the idea,

Off shore drilling

I will vote for the people who vote against offshore drilling. This isn't the way to protect our environment. People do your research and realize this will not bring down the price of fuel for your vehicles. It'll be at least 10 years before anything happens even if they start now. There are better, cleaner & more environmentally friendly options & will eventually be less costly for the public to use for energy if we would only get the dollar signs out of our eyes. It's sad that some folks believe that it's better to drill instead of protecting our environment. Yes, it may cost us now but for our children & grandchildrens future let's do what's right not what will make the most money. It's already been proven by many people that alternative energy IS SAVING THEM HUNDREDS AND EVEN THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS EVERY YEAR. WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!

Then, let's drill!!!

It's about time someone woke up on this issue. While this is not the end-all solution and it will take time, it is a step in the right direction. In the meantime, why doesn't the price of wheat, corn, barley, rice and other forms of bulk food rise from 50 cents per bushel to $500.00 per bushel??? Our farmers might like to ride around in silver plated Rolls-Royces rather than their old green John-Deere tractors. Maybe they just want to gold plate their John-Deere and forget the Rolls. The farmers might like to have one of those gargantuan ski resorts in the middle of their Nebraskan corn fields, like the Saudis have in their Dubai desert. Heck, we need all the corn we can get here to produce ethanol, right? Perhaps when the Saudis learn that sand has no nutritional value, is hard on the teeth and doesn't digest very well, we can work out a viable deal here. Too bad I can't make that decision......I can hear the crunching, grinding and spitting from here.

off shore drilling

raise you hand if you want to vote out the officals who are voting FOR off shore drilling... okay... then all of YOU can pay $4+ a gallon for gas and higher food prices and everything else that goes along with high fuel costs.

Offshore drilling - you underestimate their intentions

They don't CARE if gasoline rises to ten dollars a gallon. Their desire is to destroy the American way of life, and that serves their purpose. The worst thing that ever happened to the Left was the collapse of the Soviet Union, because they were supposed to destroy this horrible, Capitalist American way of life. Since they failed, we now have a concerted effort by the enviroloons to meld Socialism and Science into destroying America via environmental alarmism and standing in the way of anything that stabilizes our energy future. That's why Kyoto demanded economically crippling cuts from the industrialized nations only, and gave a pass to emerging economic powers such as China, Brazil, and India. That's why they stand in the way of offshore drilling or drilling in ANWR....and why they sue to stop nuclear plants......wind farms.....tidal generation systems.....and any other alternative energy that is available. If they can keep the confusion and obstructionism going, this nation will be brought to its knees. When you hear someone like Reid or Pelosi smugly commenting that offshore drilling will not start under their watch, you should remember Kruschev declaring that the Soviets would bury us. The "Soviets" are now simply voting Democratic and wearing Greenpeace T-shirts.

bout time

thank goodness , lets drill !!!!

where is your concern really

Yes there needs to be rules and the coast line needs to be protected. No questions there. But. let me ask you this. If it is railed, shipped, truck isn't that effecting the enviroment? you can have spills either way. People we have to come to a check point here. We have got to do something. If gas keeps going up. you will not be able to get to your jobs or the beach etc.. and we will be on the streets. Before jumping on the band wagon. Look out side the box. Something has to give. and 90% of fishing and shrimp come from overseas. Not local, Stop building million $ homes on the beaches also then. Just get all the facts before say NO

off shore drilling

How can we find the NC Leaders who are against off shore drilling. We need to vote them out in November.

I say let's find out which

I say let's find out which of our NC leaders are for drilling and vote them out!!

good call

Yea, because isn't it great to be dependent on foreign oil.

Vote out NC leaders for drilling ????

Are you independently wealthy or something?


I see you haven't done ANY homework on offshore drilling...follow the lefties without asking questions......I bet you are voting for Hussein to...