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President Obama brings health care message to North Carolina

READ MORE: President Obama brings health care message to North Carolina
President Barack Obama brought his push for health care reform to the Tar Heel State Wednesday. He spoke to citizens at a town hall meeting in Raleigh. A standing-room only crowd greeted the President at Raleigh's Broughton High School Wednesday, as he turns up the rhetoric to try and sell his health care reform plan. "If you've got health insurance, then the reform we're proposing will also help you, because it will provide you more stability and more security," Obama said. The President said his plan would cap out-of-pocket costs for patients, require insurance companies cover check-ups and preventative care, keep insurers from capping yearly and lifetime coverage and prevent them from denying you coverage because of your medical history. He also said it would help lower prescription costs and help small businesses provide insurance for workers. Wilmington resident Kay Zwan knows about facing these challenges. We first met Zwan in February. She told us she lost private coverage for her family when she lost her job. This was made even more difficult because her husband and son both battle chronic illnesses when she lost her job last year. "We've got to break that monopoly so that people, all classes of people, and those that are sick and disabled have access to the affordable care that they need," Zwan said Wednesday in Raleigh. But critics say the President's plan would cost about a trillion dollars over ten years on top of the huge deficit the nation already faces. Governor Bev Perdue supports reform, but wants to make sure it doesn't burden families or the state. Perdue said "It's gotta be the right cost, the right care at the right place at the right time." The president said about two-thirds of the cost is already in the health care system. He said it just needs to be spent the right way on the right things. And as congress works on reform, the President wants the goal kept in focus. "Here in North Carolina you know this isn't about politics, this is about people's lives," Obama said, "It's about people's businesses. This is about the future." The President originally wanted a health care reform package from Congress before its August recess. Wednesday he said the best-case scenario would be the House and Senate to vote on it by late September or October.

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I agree, our health coverage is way too expensive. My wife just went through advanced stage 3 ovarian cancer and her bill has now reached almost 1 million dollars, including treatments. Yes, our insurance company paid most of this bill, but the amount we had to pay was unbelievable. BUT, we did have a choice in which doctor, surgeon, and hospital we wanted to use. From diagnosis to surgery took 1 month. She had from 1 to 7 tests per week during the month leading up to her surgery. The doctor wanted to know exactly what he was dealing with and what to plan for before he began the surgery. No one, the insurance, any health council, or government told us what was going to be covered or that anything was too expensive. No one told us we had to be put on a waiting list that could be months or even a year before the next test could be administered. No one told us the procedure was too expensive and it was denied and she would just have to deal with the problem for the remaining months of her life. Do you really believe when Obama gets his new healthcare in place that we will not have our health care rationed or denied coverage because the government thinks the treatments are too expensive? Other countries are doing this now. That is why so many people come to the U.S. to have medical treatment. I know there is a major problem with our current medical system. I do not believe anyone who is not a legal citizen should be covered in any way unless they pay the total bill. I do not believe a citizen that chooses not to have their own medical insurance should be covered. Why should my taxes go up, or why should I have to pay a higher bill to pay for someone that is illegal or that chooses not to pay their way? I know people that drive Beamers, or have flat screen TVs, or water craft vehicles, or other expensive play toys, but can't afford health insurance because of this personal choice, but then are treated in the hospital or doctor's office and the others that pay their insurance premiums and medical bills have to also pay their bills too. This is totally wrong. Is Obaba's insurance really going to be free? NO, it is not, someone will still have to pay for it. The government has no money, except the money they get from us in the way of taxes.

Health Care

Anytime the government gets involved in ANYTHING,it gets to involved to be effective or make any sense. If we had the same coverage people in Government get we'd be happy also! Don't mess with free enterprise or our rights as Americans( our rights seem to be fading fast as it is!)

Can You Spell

Tort Reform? Until the tort liability potential is capped with reasonable limits, manufacturers and health practioners will continue to pay exhorbinant amounts for professional malpractice and products liability coverages. Therein is a major reason health care costs are so high and why so many tests and re-tests are ordered by a physician. The fear of an unreasonable lawsuit is a major factor in driving medical costs so high.

Bad ideas

"The President said his plan would .... require insurance companies cover check-ups and preventative care..... and prevent them from denying you coverage because of your medical history." These are two of the exact reasons why health insurance is so ridiculously expensive. If Obama was sincere in his desire to reform health insurance and the cost of healthcare in the United States, he would be pushing for health insurance to be exactly the same as any other insurance: It pays for unforeseen, MAJOR illness, and people with pre-existing conditions are covered only for those claims not relating to that condition. Just because YOU have diabetes or have had a heart attack shouldn't mean that an insurer has to take a hit to their bottom line by covering you the same as everyone else.

health care reform

Obama should also tell them they can not charge exorbitant prices prime example : Chicago Tribune columnist Jon Yates' "They authorized back surgery but denied his $148,000 claim" clearly illustrative of the unexplored core of today's health crisis. For many services, the problem is not that excellent medical care costs too much, the problem is that pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers, hospitals and some doctors charge way too much. As the president and CEO of a multispecialty physician practice that is similarly self-insured for medical costs, I have witnessed a nearly identical charge ($150,000 for back surgery) that was quickly negotiated down to $60,000, but should have been $30,000. However, when the supplier of the titanium plate and screws that are used in the surgery can charge more than $20,000 for what is probably worth $200, and the surgeon charges $100,000 for what is worth $14,000, and the hospital charges $30,000 for what should have been $16,000, the insurance company and, ultimately, the consumer is screwed.